Shim in LOVE

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Changmin and Jaejoong life after married. Did a marriage actually solve all the problems in a relationship? Did ‘love you ever after’ ever exist at the first place? Did someone’s heart will mend towards third person though he had vowed on his wedding day? Too much questions yet found in ‘Shim in LOVE’, a sequel to ‘Every Time We Love’



even the story’s name is LAME. Well, my niece is a big fan of INFINITE and she kept spazzing Man in LOVE and she kept nagging at me to listen to the song for one and I like the lyrics. LOL. So, here I am, having an idea for sequel. Ermmm… I’ll try my best, Fighting^^!!! 


[since I saw there are too many MAN IN LOVE for INIFINITE's fans AFF story, i changed the title a bit. Lol]


Oh, and I have added more range of words per chapter, updated! 





poster credit to: shin-oppa @ We Got Fired

12 hours for next update! ready?


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JJ1006 #1
I think all of us are really missing you :(
faithot5 #2
Chapter 14: still love it.thanks
yuukishinhwa #3
Chapter 14: Please come back soon authorshi! Waiting for an update!
JJ1006 #4
Chapter 14: Hi hi.. I think we all are missing you. Please come back soon with more chapters..
Onengbule #5
Chapter 14: Aww sweet story
Unnieee!!! Whens the next chaoter comingggg???
Chapter 14: waaaaahhhh finally an update
happy your back!!!!!
i miss you so much!!!!!
can't express when i read this chapter...
all i say aaaaawwww they have a family now
gonna wait your update
Chapter 14: sweet shim family ^^
Chapter 14: Hskjsksbsjsjskjsksjs

FIRST OF ALL... I AM SOOO GLADDDD U R BACKKK... and updating this fic... I really missed u and this fic.

I lovveeee this chapter... finallyyy daddy min saw baby minjoongieee... the family reunion was so cute n funny... Min actually thought jae would hide under the bed? Lmaooo

Thanks a lottt unniee for the update. Can't wait for moreee
Chapter 14: omg minjooooonggggieeee is here. nice to meet you girl <3

and you are back! am all glad to read more of your updates :)))