Every Time We Love


Shim Changmin is the famous singer from the group of Dong Bang Shin Ki along with the leader, Jung Yunho. He has a boyfriend, but due to some eagle-eyes of certain fans, due to a slight mistake, the relationship that he treasured the most was put at the very dangerous risk.



First attempt in MinJae/ JaeMin/ JoongShim/ Soulfighter couple. Nuisance and nonsense, I know… I have done with all 15 chapters, and will be uploaded every 24 hours.

Cr: translated lyrics of Every Time We Love – K.Will
      translated lyrics of Love is like a Snowflake – XIA


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1210theRose #1
I read 2 chapters at the same time. lol
Okay let's be honest here but i really don't want Junsu to be back with Yoochun. What Yoochun did to Junsu was unforgivable. I hope Js isn't stupid enough to give Yoochun the third chances.
Thanks for update.
mzjonghyun #2
Chapter 15: Love it so beautiful
This was adorable in an angsty but you know it will end happily kind of way way~ :3

Thank you for writing it~ I will now go read the sequel ^~^
(If only the wedding happened in real life ._. /smacked/)
ShoJoongia #4
Chapter 1: Reading this all over again until you update
1988biased #5
Chapter 17: i loovveeeeeeeeeeeee this >.<
gonna off to the sequel xD
Chapter 16: at the end u finish it. congrats! i love minjae couple.. do write more stuff off them..XD
Chapter 16: Awww that is nothing. I just comment if i like em. Means, i like ur work. Yeeyyy for sequeal!!
e1i2a02 #8
Chapter 16: i wasn't expectingn for you to mention me at all but... Yippie!!! you bet i'll stay tune ;D
Chapter 16: I was surprised you mentioning my name ^_^ thank you >_< i wil wait for sequel
thank you for mentioning my name your so sweet :')....even though there is no mpreg it is ok...as long you will make sequel bout their love story...cant wait to read it...^3^ i'll try make lot smiles just for u hehehe :p