Yesterday's Episode

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One man committed into a relationship which his girlfriend was searching for a comfort zone at the same time. Two best friends who have been into friendship since years before he met the girl and each vacant for her leaving filled by willingness, taking a friendship as a reason, hidden his true feeling. Three people were contemplating the next route which to choose. It’s fated.


Finally I write YunJae after years. Let me find my amusing in writing YunJae.


My reason to lock this story is... my story is not good anough. 


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Chapter 2: Like this chapter. Please update soon, author shii,. Thanks~
Hanmie #2
Chapter 2: omg. that was sad. ;(
gabbyjohana #3
Chapter 2: its good story i think.. i really like yunjae :))
ShoJoongia #4
Missed you