chap 2

shot gun wedding!


jaejoong pov
where  iam i ?? and why iam i covered in a blanket??
wait a minute iam ?? what happened to me??
i realized my legs have become  completely numb!!
so i had to get up very slowly only to fall again later
when i was searching for my clothes 
i found a note
dear jae
iam yunho!! that was a nice one night stand with you!!
i hope you can get over with it !
any how nice meeting you!!
jaejoong pov
what does one night stand mean??
does he mean i have to give him one night stand?
i will buy that later then!
first i have to find my brother!!
junsu:you ert why iam i sleeping on you??
yoochun:you were the one who made the move
junsu:did you do anything
yoochun:oh please we are fully dressed!!
junsu:yeah!! but also you are a ert!!
yoochun:oh really?? then why don't we view the flashback??
flash back
yoochun:su you have to stop drinking!!
junsu:let me drink!
yoochun:no su you cannot drink more than that!
junsu:why do you care!!
yoochun:because i....
junsu:you love me??
yoochun:yeah!! i love you
junsu:then prove it to me!!
junsu:make love to me!!
yoochun:junsu! your not in the correct state of mind!!
junsu:i dont care come on!!
yoochun pov
your offer is good!! but iam sorry su!!
you need to rest!!
i will take you to my room
flashback ends
yoochun:so tell me who is the erted one here??
junsu:i have to go!!
junsu:because i hate you!!
yoochun:but i love you!!
changmin:so whats your name??
kyuhun:choi kyuhun sir!!
changmin:what is your age??
kyuhun:18 sir!!
changmin:do you have or had a boyfriend??
kyuhun:no sir!
changmin:well i can give you a job!!
kyuhun:thank you sir
changmin:so jut sign these papers!!
kyuhun:sir !! i cannot do this!!
changmin:you need money for your mothers surgery rite??
kyuhun:yes sir!!
changmin:jut sign them and after one month if i get the positive results
you will get more than you expected!!
kyuhun:ok sir!!
changmin :then lets start!!
kyuhun pov 
iam i doing the  rite thing??
i just signed an agreement that i will give my boss  a kid
and as soon as it is born! i will have to leave my child and 
go away from his family forever!! for which i will get millions
i agreed with his deal because  i have to save my mom!!
kyunhun:yes sir!!
jaejoong:junsu hung!!
junsu:jae what happened to you?? why are you limping??
jaejoong:nothing happened hung!! i just fell
junsu:now lets get out from here!!
jaejoong:yeah hung
=========2 weeks later==================================
jaejoon:i want to meet yunho!!
yuri:no sir you cannot meet him!! he is in the conference room
jaejoong:you mean this dark room?? no one is here!!
yuri:sir you cannot go in  there
yunho:who are you??
jaejoong:its me jae!!
yunho:what do you want???iam in he middle of a meeting!!
jaejoong:meeting??? iam not a fool yunhossi!! this place is so dark!!
jaejoong:and only you and me on this stage!!
yunho:jaejoong!! dont test my temper!!
jaejoong:anyhow yunhossi!! you wanted a one night stand isint it??
jaejoong:i know you wanted it!! so i brought you a blue one!! how is it???
mr choi:mr jung what is this about??
yunho:jaejoong!! please leave!
jaejoong:yunhossi!! you said you said you wanted a one night stand when we slept togeather!!
yunho:jaejoong!! shut your mouth! on!!!
yunho:there are 90!! please stop counting!!
jaejoong:iam sorry !!
yunho:you should be!!
authors pov
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