shot gun wedding!


yunho is a 29 year old successful businessman ,he never believes in love!! he just thinks love is for looser!! 

he just plays with  peoples hearts!! but what will happen when 14 year old cute funny jaejoong comes into his life???

with an unexpected accident which changes their life forever!!

jung yunho


a complete jerk!!

has a big brother his name is changmin

he hates kids!! because he has to deal with his brothers kids everyday!!

kim jaejoong

age 14

a happy go lucky guy

comes from a traditional family

he goes to a party organized by the jungs by sneaking off from his house!!

he ends up having a one night stand with jung yunho 

and gets pregnant!!




heard of jung corp

married to onew

has 2 sons  woobin 15 years and jiyong 3 year with onew

he is desperate  for a daughter

but onew cannot give him



sweet,shy and cute

he really  wants  to give changmin a daughter but he cannot give him

due to his health condition!!

kim junsu

age 23

brother of jaejoong

works as a  it proffessional

park yoochun

age: 21

loves junsu

head of park corp

love at first sight with junsu


authors pov

hi guys this is my 8th fic!!

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Chapter 25: What the..... How can you do this to him yunho?? Poor Jae.... I am crying oceans here.. ;-(
monshine #2
Chapter 25: Tsk tsk tsk....i pity on you yunho.
Chapter 25: Yunho you
Neng2ovid #4
Chapter 25: Poor jae. Hope yunho and his mom get the karma they deserve.
Chapter 25: aigoo yunho i will kill u =.= poor jj, gladly there hj, now i wonder what'll happen next, thankies for this and all the best ^-^
Chapter 24: what the? jessica is an idiot. so as yunho, we all know how innocent and stupid jae is yunho, anyways thank you for this update and all the best ^-^
Salma_Shim #7
Chapter 23: Anyeong ^^ I'm new reader here.. Huwaa,, jae act so cute.. And yunho.. Hmm.. You have to be patient appa :3 kkk
btw, thanks for the story.. I love it :)
Chapter 23: hope onew wake up soon and changmin made up for his mistakes... glad mincho and yoochun are having another chance, don't loose this minho... and i hate jessica here, so evil =.=

as for yunjae, cute jae as always aigoo but seriously yun, u r defending ur wifey but theres insult OTL XD but yeah yunho protect your family from ur evil mom lol XD

anyways thank you for this update and all the best ^-^
loveyunjae4ever #9
Chapter 23: love the way yunho defend jae in front of his mother! go go go go go go go author shii
beccavista #10
Chapter 23: Get well soon