chap 3

shot gun wedding!

changmin:ok now you are fired!!

kyuhun:why?? i signed the contract

changmin:really?? sungmin!!

kyuhun:what are you speaking?? 

changmin:the signature you signed on the contract is named as sungmin!! can i ask u why??


changmin:do u even know that you are an orphan kyuhun!! 

kyuhun:how did you know??

changmin: it is their in your application form !! you idiot!! you wanted this job so that you can spy on the jung corp

kyuhun:no i wanted to give you a child

changmin:but i dont need one mr.kyuhun!! i dont need some other chicken to lay my eggs

kyuhun:what!! i cannot understand!!

changmin:come with me!!

kyuhun:who is this??


changmin:my chicken! he aldready laid two eggs of mine!!

kyuhun:iam sorry!! mr changmin

changmin:well you have to be

kyuhun:but please dont tell sungmin!! he will kill me

changmin:well i must leave you now since i want to produce an egg here!!


changmin:onew come to my office!!

kyuhun:what are you doing

changmin:you better go now!! the office is shut down for some important buisness

kyuhun:you mean ert business??


yunho:iam sorry for my fiances interruption!!

jaejoong:france?? are we in france yunho?? does that mean??

yunho:well!! you all see that my fiance wants some alone time with me!!

mr.choi:ÿeah!! we understand  mr.yunho!! young love isint it!!

jaejoong:yeah!! iam young iam 14!! is this mr.yunho 14 year old!! what are you thinking?? you will be going to jail for this

jaejoong:i love to be a jain but iam not a jain ,iam a korean

yunho:you are 14!!

jaejoong:yeah!! iam in 9th grade!!

yunho:iam very sorry everyone iam ashamed of  my mistakes!! i will now ask yooochun to take over this meeting!!


yunho:yes yoochun!! you!!

yoochun:well ok!!

yunho:and you jae the doey come with me!!

jaejoong:one second!! let me bring your one night stand!!


onew:minnie!! why are you so !!

changmin:iam not !! you make me !!

onew:stop it minnie!! my body is aldready has too many marks!! 

changmin:but i want to mark you mine 

onew:iam aldready yours minnie!! please stop now i cannot take it!!

changmin:oh no!! the baby is crying again!!

onew:even the baby realized his father is a ert!!

changmin:oh!! now what to do??

onew:iam sleeping so dont dare to disturb me!! you take care of your kid!! 


onew:i need some sleep this baby and you will never let me sleep !! please i want to sleep


yunho:changmin i have something to discuss!!

changmin:hey!! knock before you come!!

yunho:what is this changmin please wear some clothes!!

changmin:oh iam sorry!!

yunho:oh and what happened to onew!!

changmin:he passed out!!

yunho:what were you two doing??

changmin:that is a secret between wife and a husband!! do you want to know??

yunho:can you please keep your dirty secrets with you!! i have a problem!!

changmin:ok my brother!!

yunho:jae come in!! 

jaejoong:hi!! changwin!!

changmin:my name is changmin not changwin!!

jaejoong:but i dont like your name!! 


changmin:very interesting!! who is this kid??

yunho:even you can tell that he is a kid??

changmin:his face is showing his age!!

jaejoong:thank you!! changmin!! iam jaejoong!! and iam yunhos one night stand!!

changmin:one night stand??

jaejoong:yeah!! blue one!!

yunho:dont ask me!! about that!!

jaejoong:is that a baby??

changmin:yeah!! he is  mine!!

jaejoong:but he doesn't look like you!!


jaejooong:yes the baby is so small and you are so big!!

changmin:yunho!! can u please take this person out from here!! before i die!!

yunho:iam sorry hung!! jae!! what is your fathers name??

jaejoong:kim kagin!!

yunho:what does he do??

jaejooong:he is the cheap security head of police

changmin:you are so stupid it is cheif not cheap!!

yunho:dont tell me!! you are the son of kangin?? the head of the police department??


yunho:now what should i do??

changmin:bye yunho!! have a good time in prison!!


yoochun:so that completes the jung corps new project

mr choi:very well mr.park!! it was impressive

yoochun:thanks a lot!! now finally i gained this project

mrchoi:so who is the role model for this project??

yoochun:oh!! its this duckbut!!


yoochun:iam sorry!!

junsu:do you know where you have touched me???

yoochun:iam sorry it was comfy and i couldn't  resist it!!

junsu:thats it!! yoochun!! if you touch my again !! you willl have to deal with a restraining order from me!!

yoochun:can i touch your lips??


yoochun:your waist!!


yoochun:atleast your cheeks!!

junsu:if u even lay a finger on me!! i will complain !!

yoochun:to whom??

junsu:my dad!!

yoochun:oh!! he is so scary!! iam so scared!!

junsu:wait and see park yoochun




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