shot gun wedding!

hyunjoong:mr jung ! omma is awake !

changmin:really! can i see him?

hyunjoong:he is calling for you

changmin:lets go!


yoochun pov

iam trying to forgive him!

but still my heart pains me the fact that he cheated on me!

i cannot still forget the past 

minho:chunnie! our son needs milk he is crying

yoochun:yeah! iam coming! minho shi

minho:they are cute rite

yoochun:babies are always cute minhossi

minho:why are you getting so irritated ? i was just asking you

yoochun:its nothing!

minho:chunnie! if you behave like this things will not get better!

i know i hurted you but can you please forgive me and move on

yoochun :iam trying minhossi! do you think it is easy for me to forgive you and act like nothing happened?

iam hurt minhoshi! you gave me that hurt by cheating on me

minho:iam sorry! i never knew you were hurted till this extent

i promise to change yoochunnie ! please accept me


yunho:jaejooong! our baby is just like you soft and small fingers

jaejoong:hung! she is so fair! 

yunho:yeah! when will she call me appa?

jaejoong:hung you seem to be overexcited the baby is just born she cannot call you appa so fast

yunho:jaejoong! i never had a dad ! but i promise i will be the best father in the world

jaejoong:your so good hung

jessica:yunho oppa! congratulations you are an appa now!

yunho:thank you jessica! what do you want now?

jessica:but your daughter doesnot resemble you at all! are you sure that she is your daughter?

yunho:what are you speaking jessica?

jessica:iam just saying oppa! that  maybe this slept with someone

yunho:just leave jessica! stop your rubbish talk

jessica:just saying oppa! just think about it!

yunho:get lost jessica!


onew:changmin hung

changmin:onew iam here

onew:iam sorry hung!

changmin:iam sorry onew! i said many mean things to you

onew:its fine hung! after all i was  the one who destroyed your life after all!

changmin:no onew! dont say like that i have always loved you

iam stupid for hurting you! please forgive me onew!

iam begging you

onew:willl you leave me hung?

changmin:i will never leave you onew!

onew:is this a promise hung?

changmin:i love you onew! i love you a lot please

hyunjoong:you can forgive him umma


hyunjoong:i cannot accept him as a dad! but still i know that he loves you


hyunjoong:accept him umma! we will be together like a family


yunho pov

its not rite ! my daughter looks like  me

did jaejoong really sleep with anyone?

no! he cannot he is a kid

maybe he is faking all his innocence just to make me fall in a trap?

i have to be careful!

yunho:jaejoong:did anyone slept with you other than me?

jaejoong:yes hung 

yunho:how bold are you so you were faking that you were a rite?

jaejoong:iam not fake yunhoshi

yunho:dont give me those crying eyes jaejoong! iam not going to fall for your tricks

jaejoong:hung! i cannot understand what are you talking! 

yunho:dont behave so innocent jae!

jaejoong:hung what are you doing! 

yunho:i dont care if your still healing from post delivery ! iam going to you jae!

its your punishment you

jaejoong:yunho hung! you are hurting me please stop this it hurts!




authors pov

thank you for your support everyone

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Chapter 25: Tsk tsk tsk....i pity on you yunho.
Chapter 25: Yunho you
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Chapter 25: Poor jae. Hope yunho and his mom get the karma they deserve.
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Chapter 23: Anyeong ^^ I'm new reader here.. Huwaa,, jae act so cute.. And yunho.. Hmm.. You have to be patient appa :3 kkk
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Chapter 23: hope onew wake up soon and changmin made up for his mistakes... glad mincho and yoochun are having another chance, don't loose this minho... and i hate jessica here, so evil =.=

as for yunjae, cute jae as always aigoo but seriously yun, u r defending ur wifey but theres insult OTL XD but yeah yunho protect your family from ur evil mom lol XD

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Chapter 23: Get well soon