shot gun wedding!

siwon:chunnie! can i come in ?

yoochun:yes mr.park you can come in

siwon:they are beautiful chunnie

yoochun:they are my kids  after all

siwon:did you name them

yoochun:yes! the little guys name is park shinhan and my baby girl name is park yoomi

siwon:they are wonderful names! but park?

yoochun:they are my children dad! so they will have park in their surname

siwon:but there fathers sur name is kim..

yoochun:they dont need a dad ! iam there for them

siwon:please yoochun! listen to me they need a father

yoochun:i won listen! i grew up without a mother and i grew up fine

siwon:but your mom was dead yoochun! do you think your mom will be happy to see you like this?

yoochun:dad......please leave........

siwon:just listen to me yoochun give him one more chance



changmin pov

it has been 7 hours and still onew is in the icu

in an unconscious state!

and it is all happening because of me

all because of me!  

jessica pov

please god let onew die!

if he says  that i was the one who caused it! iam going to die

jessica:mrsjung why should we wait in the hospital for that

mrsjung:jessica be patient if that dies then you can be mrs jung as changmins wife

jessica:are you for real?

mrsjung:yes! i give a word to you that if onew dies you will officially be mrs jung changmin

jessica:but i want yunho!

mrsjung:shut up jessica! just marry changmin!


yunho:jae please calm down

jaejoong:but hung it hurts

yunho:jae! its fine! our angel is coming out now

jaejoong:but hung! i dont want her to come out rite now!

yunho:jae! calm down and stop pulling my hair

jaejoong:it hurts.................yunho ssi..............

yunho:calm down! 

jaejoong:yunhossi! iam going to die

yunho:no you idiot! your not going to die

jaejoong:hung.................i cannot see anything its dark

yunho:you idiot jae ! the power is off!

jaejoong:no hung ! your lying 

doctor: mr jung! we have to wait till the lights come to perform the surgery

jaejoong pov

i cannot see anything! iam blind and next iam going to die

i can feel pain all over my body!

jaejoong: yunho....hung.......bye

yunho:your not going anywhere jaejoong! 


changmin pov

iam sorry....onew............ iam really sorry

its all because of me! your lying on that bed lifeless

iam really sorry! please forgive me!

and remember one thing onew i  really did love you!

i love you onew........

mrsjung:changmin! lets go!

changmin: i wont leave till my onew opens his eyes

mrsjung:you are an idiot changmin! crying  for that

just forget about him and marry jessica! she will be a good wife to you

changmin:shut up! leave!  i said leave

mrsjung:changmin...............your shouting at your own mum..............

changmin: i said leave you woman! otherwise i might kill you  and forget who you are to me

mrsjung:are you for real?? you  will kill me for that ?

changmin:leave! iam going to insane please leave me alone

kangin:mam! i think you should leave

mrsjung:who are you to say that?

kangin:iam onews father! i dont want you near my son!

mrsjung:so you are that bastards child!

jessica:oh! so now that bastard has a father

kangin:you cannot call someone such filthy words when you are a filthy miss

jessica:what did you say!

kangin:i give you ten seconds of time if you two dont leave from here! i might have to take serious  measures

mrsjung:you.............i will make sure that your son dies

kangin:please leave!



jaejoong:yunho hung!  iam feeling dizzy

yunho:your fine jae! they will just take out the baby from you

jaejoong:they are going to kill it? no! i want my baby

yunho:ok! you can have the baby! ok now sleep

doctor:we are going to perform the surgery!

yunho:thanks doctor!

doctor:dont worry every thing is normal in his case! there are no complications

yunho:thank you!

yunho pov

be strong jae! be strong


authors pov
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Chapter 25: Tsk tsk tsk....i pity on you yunho.
Chapter 25: Yunho you
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Chapter 23: Anyeong ^^ I'm new reader here.. Huwaa,, jae act so cute.. And yunho.. Hmm.. You have to be patient appa :3 kkk
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Chapter 23: hope onew wake up soon and changmin made up for his mistakes... glad mincho and yoochun are having another chance, don't loose this minho... and i hate jessica here, so evil =.=

as for yunjae, cute jae as always aigoo but seriously yun, u r defending ur wifey but theres insult OTL XD but yeah yunho protect your family from ur evil mom lol XD

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