My Little Bride


jung yunho had no time to decide his future wife! he must marry jaejoong or give up living his life as a prince of korea

but  there is only one problem it is that he is just 17 year old and jaejoong is just 13 year old  irritating fool

and to marry him he has just 3 days or he will have to leave his position forever

now what will he do marry that little bride or lead a life of the commoner


and what will happen when onew yunhos15 year old  brother falls in love with jaejoongs brother changmin who is a 29 year old 

top cop in seoul living a sadistic life!!will changmin love onew back or crush onews dreams forever?


yoochun and junsu are happily married couple and have two adorable kids jaejoong and changmin

will yoochun and junsu accept yunho and onew as their son in laws??? or make their lives horrible as ever





rated scenes

and updates  ever week



yunjae couple

yunho :the prince of korea

jaejoong:a regular average student who irritates every one with his silly nature





onew:second heir to the throne(second prince of korea)



yoochun: a regular employee in a bank(but is a very good friend of yunhos parents)

junsu: housewife loves his husband and kids a lot


yunhos grandfather


very strict grandparent



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hymeki #1
Chapter 7: updatee~~~pleasee~~~
yoaisummer #2
Chapter 7: Yunho shouldn't do that....he will regret later.hehe~~*evil smile*

P.S:-R.I.P MH370.I'm sorry say that in ur comment inbox.:(
Chapter 7: aigoo yunho how could you do that? =.=

poor joongie, but yun will regret it soon hahaha XD joongie go punish yun XD

anyways, wonder what'll happen next, curious much and thanks for this update ^-^
Chapter 6: how r u feeling now? continue to rest and hope your well now :(

yunho is such a ert lol XD poor jj hahaha XD as for min and minho aigoo, cute deal wonder what'll happen next, all the best ^-^
yoaisummer #5
Chapter 6: Lee Minho is Yoochun ex-husband?!o_O
Didn't c that coming.^^
Thank u 4 tis update!I'm happy!
yoaisummer #6
Chapter 4: O...I 1 the copy of changnew also!XD
I'm happy that u update and I looking forward!<3
Chapter 4: yay an update thank you for this.. lol onew and min vid scandal, who spreads it? though i want a copy joke.. and poor jj yun is forever toinks XD anyways thank you for this update and all the best ^-^
monshine #8
Chapter 3: yunnie and minnie...erted mode
yoaisummer #9
Chapter 3: I didn't know our jinki is that bad and I love it~
*evil laugh*
jasmineez #10
Chapter 3: Onew is so mean hoho i like it, changmin will marry onew yeay yunjae is my fav couple too. I enjoy this thank u. Wait for the next