Madly in Love


This story is about three brothers who hate each other and three best friends who promise to stay together forever.

But what happens when these brothers fall in love with the best friends?

Will their friendship survive?


Kim Jaejoong


-Ran away from his house after discovering he's pregnant with his professor's baby

-Looks cute but he is rude 

-Currently living with his husband (professor) Jung Yunho

-Eldest of of the three; siblings are Junsu and Onew

-Hates Onew for having a perfect rich life unlike him


Kim Onew


-Spouse to the wealthiest business man, Shim Changmin 

-Married Changmin to save his father

-Abused badly by his husband

-Clumsy and cute but he has breathing problems

-Adored by his parents for his good grades


Kim Junsu


-Engaged to Park Yoochun due to his parents' wish

-Confident and cute but is always bullied by everyone

-Tries to unite his brothers but fails almost every time


Jung Yunho


-Professor; married his student Jaejoong

-An orphan 

-Struggled in life to achieve his current position

-Loving and caring person


Shim  Changmin


-Owner of Shim Corporation

-Married Onew due to his father's wish

-Uses Onew as his puppet; very dominating


Park Yoochun


-Manager of Shim Corporation

-An intelligent young man

-Truly cares for Junsu

-Hates to see Junsu always trying to unite his brothers

-Loves Junsu but hates his childish ambitions


Kim Heechul and Kim Siwon

-Parents of Jaejoong, Onew & Junsu

They love their children equally but they are always looked down by Jaejoong.

Siwon has brain tumor and he cannot live long so he wants to see his sons get married early before his death. He is a caring and a loving father.

Heechul always stands by his husband. He adores Onew more than his other sons because Onew is clumsy and has breathing problems, but Jaejoong and Junsu have always taken that in a negative way. Junsu understood Onew's condition but jaejooong never understands.


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Chapter 5: This story is so damn interesting. Please update soon! :) Poor Yoochun, he has to suffer being with Ou Chen. :(
HieuBee #2
Chapter 5: What the hell????!!!! No Jae!!!!
dubushi #3
Chapter 4: Waaah author- san im exctited for changnew appearnace in kor. xD thx for making changmin good to onew again :D a big smile for you ;DD
Chapter 4: gosh jae stop being stupid! you got the most handsome man ever!
ayazo13 #5
Chapter 2: So Jae caused Onew misscarriage, Jae dont deserve to be a umma. Bad Jae and Changmin, poor Onew
Chapter 4: that ouchen guy is a psychopath.
loveyunjae4ever #7
thanks for the update hun :}
Chapter 3: i just want to hit changmin.... screw him... poor onew..
Chapter 3: Dirty thoughts!
Baby Onew, poor my chicken. Minie is so bad =.=! JaeJae so bad brother too.
Chapter 3: my dirty thought on Yoosu but they did what......? bungee-jumping?