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About Me

Let's all be friend's ^-^ and continue to Always Keep The Faith!! ^-^


JYJ/HoMin/TVXQ/DB5K hwaiting!!! ^-^



A Cassiopeia forever ^-^



My Ultimate bias is Jung YunHo, the best and greatest leader ever, a great role model to all, a Dance Machine and handsome too hehehehe ^-^


I Ship YunJae couple ^-^, i really love this couple.....


"I think, a secret love is something none of your friends would understand. And it's like a fairy tale, but more serious."
- Jung Yunho -

"There are flaws in romance, but love is perfect."
- Kim Jaejoong -


I also Ship YooSu, EunHae, MinBum and HanChul ^-^



I Fully Support JYJ/HoMin/TVXQ/DB5K ^-^


I love writing Fanfiction's especially YunJae ^-^


I love making friend's, to me my friend's are like my family and a gift from up above ^-^

I love talking, i'm sometimes weird, crazy, hyper and all lol XD

And most importantly, i love eating lol XD

and lastly you all can call me Mimi, or Mi , ^-^


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