shot gun wedding!

changmin pov

i have been getting so many weird dreams since the past 2 months

that i have slept with someone other than onew!! who is it?

ah!! iam getting so frustrated!!

ah!! who is that??



onew:changmin hung what happened??

 changmin:nothing onew!!

onew:hung you were screaming!!

changmin :i had a bad dream thats all!!

onew:ok!! but please dont shout ok!! you will wake up jiyong!!

changmin:oh! sorry!! when is woobin comming??

onew:he will be comming this week!!

changmin:onew do you think he will forgive me??

onew:hung he is your son!! why dont you ask him??

changmin:i promise onew!! i will win woobins trust!!

onew:hung he is coming back from Stanford university!!

changmin:i know!! i never thought hat my son was so brilliant!! he finished his high school when he was just 8!!

onew:hung!! please dont cheat on me again!!

changmin:onew!! i know the reason woobin hates me is that i cheated on his mom with an other person! i was so rude to you back then

onew:thats why hung!! this is your last chance if you cheat again on  me this time i may leave you for ever!!

changmin:onew!! why will i cheat on you?? i love you onew!! i will never break your heart!!

onew pov

 if only you  can keep your promise hung!!



yoochun:minho hung!! you are the  new managing director  of park cooperation!!


yoochun:yes hung !! this is your new cabin!!

minho:wow!! its so good!! 

yoochun:hung you are now responsible for the whole cooperation!! and you are the boss!!

minho:then what will you do??

yoochun:i will be good housewife and take care if our children!!

minho:really?? then how many kids will we have 10?? or 30??

yoochun:i will die giving birth to all of them!!

minho:just joking!! 3 will be fine

mr park:what a lovely couple!!

yoochun:hye!! dad!!

mr park:chunnie!! how are you? 

yoochun:fine dad!!

mr park:when are you due??

minho:in 3 months father inlaw!!

mr park:i will meet my grandchildren aldready!!

yoochun:dad!! i found out that i have one more baby inside me!!


yoochun:yeah!! iam having twins!!

mr park:good for you !! minho i would like to have a word with you!

minho:yes father in law

yoochun:then i will leave bye dad !! bye hung!



jaejoong:so onew hung is not your wife!!


jaejoong:and onew hung is changmin hungs wife!!


jaejoong:then i have a doubt then why are you the father of onew hungs sons?

yunho:iam not the father of onew hungs sons!!

jaejoong:so onew hung sons dont have a father?? poor kids

yunho:no changmin is their father!! 

jaejoong:then who is the mother of changmin hungs sons??

mrs jung:yunho why are you banging your head??

yunho:iam doomed for life mom!!

mrsjung:yunho what happened!!

yunho:you are correct mom!! he is stupid!! he is dumber than a pig!!

jaejoong:hung iam not a pig!! see i have hands and legs!!

mrsjung:jaejoong please leave us for a minute!!

jaejoon:ok aunty!!

yunho:mom!! what should i do?? i cannot leave him!!

mrsjung:then why dont you know him yunho?? try to love him!!

yunho:mom!! love that insane fool??

jaejoong:aunty one minute is over and iam back!! 

mrsjung:i know jaejoong is disgusting!! irritating and a fool!! but still he is not bad at heart yunho!!

yunho:mom!! i know he is not bad at heart but he  is stupid!! and how will i live with him??

jaejoong:hung!! see what i got!! earth worms!! they are just like pasta!! do you want some??

mrsjung:jaejoong!! from today i will train you how to be mrs jung!

yunho:mom are you sure?? you will get mad if you start training him!!

mrsjung:seeing you in this position has already made me mad!! 

yunho:thank you mom!!

mrsjung:jaejoong throw those earth worms and come to the kitchen now!!

jaejong:but they are so good!! what if i eat them??

yunho:mom  will i die  if i jump from 5th floor or 9th floor??

mrsjung:yunho!! stop it!! jaejoong throw those earth worms and come with me now!!

jaejoong:ok mother in law aunty!!

mrsjung:iam getting sick of you!!




mr park::minho what are these??



minho:father!! i can expalin .....

mr park:i dont care just end with her at once!!


mr park:what?? do you want me to give these pics to your wife??

minho:no father yoochun will be angry!!

mr park:thats why end it with her now!! and then get back to your position

minho:ok father!!

mr park:you know what i can do!! i will make your whole familys life to live in hell!!

minho:i understand father!


junsu pov

i caught him at last!!


the man who me and got fled away!!

he even made me pregnant!!

you are not going to have your way shim changmin! iam going to turn your life into a living hell

i will make sure that you will marry me and be the father of my child!! you fool!!



authors pov
sorry for the very late update!!
thanks a lot for your support
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