shot gun wedding!

jung woobin(hyun joong)


first child of onew and changmin

he changed his name from woobin  to hyun joong!!

since he hates his dad a lot!!

has iq of 200

he finished his college at the age of 14!

very smart!! rude to everyone except for his mother!!


jaejoong pov

some one is knocking the door!!

who can it be?? its just 4:00am

jaejoong:yunnie who is it??

yunho:wait!! i will go and see!!

jaejoong:no i will also come!

yunho:ok lets go!!

hyunjoong pov

why arent they opening the door??

mom where are you??

yunho:who is it??

jaejoong:hung its a ghost see he is so white!!


hyunjoong:its hunjoong now !!

yunho:how how you been hyunjoong??

hyun joong:fine!! and who is this kid uncle??


yunho:jaejoong stop laughing!!

jaejoong:oh! sorry!!

hyunjoong:so i guess he is your kid uncle?

yunho:he is my wife hyunjoong!!

hyun joong:interesting!! 

changmin:hyunnie your back!! come and give a hug to your appa!!

hyun joong:yunho uncle where is mom??

yunho:he is......

changmin:he is in our room!!

hyunjoong:ok uncle good nite!! you and that kid must hit the bed  for now!!

yunho:yeah!! its 2:00am


yunho:hung you must sleep!!

changmin:he doesnot accept me isint it??

yunho:hung!! dont think like that he is your son!! he must accept you!!

jaejoong: he is your son??


jaejoong:but he is good looking than you!! he is so cute!!!

yunho hung! he is looking at me please hide me!!


jaejoong:hung iam not ready yet!! i have no makeup!!

yunho:so?? he is your nephew jaejoong aunty!!

jaejoong:hung he is so white!!

changmin:he got his mothers complexion!! thats why he is very white!!

yunho:can you stop staringhim jaejoong !! your my wife

jaejoong:but he is so handsome!

yunho:shut up jaejoong!! what if the child hears you?? you dimwit!!

now stop staring

jaejoong:hung why are you dragging me??

changmin:i can sense some one is burning with jealousy!!

yunho:iam not jaelous



onew:hyun ah!!

hyun joong: i missed you a lot mom!!

onew:really?? i missed you too my baby

hyun joong:mom i cannot breathe!!

onew:cant i hug my own son!!

hyun joong:but not too tight mommy

onew:how have you been?? 

hyun joong:fine!!

onew:did you meet dad??

hyun joong :well...

onew:you didnt meet him rite!!

hyun joong:mom!!

changmin:hynnie !! please talk to me!! it has been 8 years!

please forgive your dad!!

hyun joong:never! the things you have done to my mom are never forgiven!!

changmin:hyunnie!! please iam your appa!!

hyun joong:then behave like one!

onew:where are you going?? hyun joong??

changmin:he never listens to me!!


changmin:today we are going to have a party everyone

jaejoong:what is the occasion minnie uncle?

changmin:because hyun joong is back so lets have a welcome party

mrs jung:oh!! so he is back!! the filthy  kid of yours

changmin:omma plaese dont say like that! he is my son

mrs jung:he was born out of wedlock you fool!  

onew:hyunnie come on lets go and eat

hyun joong:good morning mrs jung

mrs jung:so i heard you are back!! 

hyun joong:as you can see iam here !! if you cannot see me then you are blind

changmin:hyunnie be quiet

jaejoong:yunho hung is mrs jung auntie blind??

yunho:jae shut up!!

mrs jung:you dare to reply me back you fool!! 

hyun joong:mom lets go and get our breakfast somewhere else

mrs jung:now you are looking down at me?? i guess these are the things your mom taught you shameless creature

hyun joong:one more word about my mother mrs jung i will sue you for verbal assault on my mom!!

mrs jung:you .......

changmin:onew take hyun joong away from here!!

onew:hyunnie come with me!


jaejoong:onew hung can you tell me a story

onew:what story??

jaejoong:i waned some one to tell me a story and yunho told me a story about how to get a life insurance

onew:was it good??

jaejoong:honestly hung yunho is boring!! changmin hung is lot better than him!!

onew:may be

jaejoong:hung please tell me how you met chngmin hung!! please!!

onew :ok listen to me 

i was 16 and i was a high school student !! i always stood first in eveything i did !!

i loved basketball that is where i first saw changmin !! he was a 19 year college student very arrogant and a food maniac

but the star player of his team!! i used to go for his matches and cheer him!!

one day he asked me to be his date and i agreed!!

i know he is 3 years elder to me an d a college student but still i loved him!!

we became very close and that was when i got pregnant!! 

i was shocked and changmin hung was teriified !! he didnt contact me !  he just left with his fiance jessica to get married!!

i dropped out of school for a year and gave birth to hyunnie!! not once changmin hung was there by my side!!

and i decided to raise my child alone!!

but after four years changmin hung comes to me and says that he loves me

at first i was happy!!

he married me at once and hyun joong and changmin hung got togeather 

but later i found out that his fiance  jessica ditched him for some one else!!


thats why he returned to me!! i felt bad for some time but later i found out that  even his mom never


approved an orphan like me to be her son in law!!

 thats why i  became the cursed one in this house!! 

jaejoong:then why does hyunjooong hate his father!

onew:it must be when hyunnie was just 8 !! one night changmin hung came  to me in a very drunken


state and hit me with a 

glass bottle on my head and stated that i was the one who caused his break up with jessica!! blood


started to be pouring out from my head non stop!

hyun joong didnt say anything!! he was totally shocked!!

i was rushed to the hospital  to be treated!! hynnie didnt even talk to his dad after that!!

he just hated his dad a lot!

onew pov

jaejoong is sleeping!! i bet i said too much let me carry you to your bed jaejoong!!

changmin pov



iam sorry onew!!

iam sorry be continued





authors pov
thanks a lot for your support
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