a sad news

shot gun wedding!

minhos pov

i was talking with minyoung and i didnt notice that yoochun

was seeing us! after he called me out i was afraid

that i will  get scolded or beaten up by him

he just called my name

yoochun pov

after seeing minho being unfaithful to me 

i couldn't control my anger at all

 because i was hurting inside

so all this time i was living in a lie?

all this time i had no perfect life

thinking about that made my head spin

i was feeling dizzy ! and the next thing i knew was i was rolling

on the stairs and i landed on my 7 month pregnant stomach

and i completely backed out


siwon:what happened?

minyoung:oppa! he is bleeding

minho:mr park the babies! 

siwon:ambulance! call the ambulance! yoochun open your eyes


jessica:so you are jaejoong
jaejooong:yeah! iam jung jaejoong
jessica:so your yunhos  first wife ! the first son in law of the jungs
jessica:just leave yunho oppa! and get lost from here! ok!!
jessica:because iam going o be yunho oppas wife and lady jung 
jaejoong:but i like yunhossi
jessica:i dont care just take your luggage and get lost from here
jaejooong:no! i wont go! this is also my house
jessica:how dare you speak to me like that! you piece of crap!
wait till you eat my slap
jaejoong pov
as i was about to be slapped yunhossi stopped jessica
like a hero in a film
really yunhossi is so manly
yunho:enough jessica! are you human ?
jessica:oppa! its just jaejoong provokeed me
yunho:no need to tell me jessica! i havew seen everything! how can you hit my pregnant wife?
jessica:oppa! he started it first he was insulting me
mrsjung:yunho! how can you say mean things to our guest
jessica:i cannot stay here mrsjung yunho has insulted me a lot
yunho:i wont ! just get lost
mrsjung:yunho ! come back here!
yunho:jae! lets go from here
changmin pov
iam so drunk rite now! 
my whole world is sinking rite now!
birth control pills??  what in the world is onew is thinking!
i always said that i need an other kid!
then why is he taking them??
onew:changmin ! 
changmin:what are you doing  with these onew ?
onew:changmin! please  listen to me!
changmin:listen to what? i wanted a kid from you! and you dont want to give me??
onew:i dont want a kid rite now changmin listen to me! 
changmin:how can you be so selfish onew? i thought you will understand me i guess i was wrong!
 if only i had jess as my wife than you
onew:what id you say? you wanted jess as your wife!
changmin:yes! i loved jess a lot if it wasn't for your stupid dad who trapped me in a drug dealing case
i would never have married a stupid like you
onew:changmin! your drunk!
changmin:yes! but iam saying the truth your dad threatened me to marry you! otherwise he would lock me up in the jail
onew:that means you never loved me?
changmin:i love only jess! so you get out from here!
onew:ok! i will leave you
minho:doctor! how is my wife??
doctor:there is nothing to worry about! we have sucessfully operated your wife! he is wife and has delivered twins
minho:thank you doc
doctor: here hold your kids its a girl and a boy
minho :iam so happy! iam a dad rite now!
siwon:what are you doing here?
minho:iam sorry mr.park i just wanted to see my wife and kids
siwon:get lost! i don want you near my son anymore! just get out
minho:you cant do this mrpark!they are my kids and yoochun is my wife
siwon:then choose you want yoochun or that
minyoung:mr park you cannot do this ! minho will divorce your son and choose me
siwon:what your answer minho! this is your last chance!
minho:iam sorry minyoung! i want yoochun
minyoung:oppa! you cannot do this you love me
minho:but i want my kids and my wife more than you! iam sorry!
authors pov
sorry for a very late update
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Chapter 25: What the..... How can you do this to him yunho?? Poor Jae.... I am crying oceans here.. ;-(
monshine #2
Chapter 25: Tsk tsk tsk....i pity on you yunho.
Chapter 25: Yunho you
Neng2ovid #4
Chapter 25: Poor jae. Hope yunho and his mom get the karma they deserve.
Chapter 25: aigoo yunho i will kill u =.= poor jj, gladly there hj, now i wonder what'll happen next, thankies for this and all the best ^-^
Chapter 24: what the? jessica is an idiot. so as yunho, we all know how innocent and stupid jae is yunho, anyways thank you for this update and all the best ^-^
Salma_Shim #7
Chapter 23: Anyeong ^^ I'm new reader here.. Huwaa,, jae act so cute.. And yunho.. Hmm.. You have to be patient appa :3 kkk
btw, thanks for the story.. I love it :)
Chapter 23: hope onew wake up soon and changmin made up for his mistakes... glad mincho and yoochun are having another chance, don't loose this minho... and i hate jessica here, so evil =.=

as for yunjae, cute jae as always aigoo but seriously yun, u r defending ur wifey but theres insult OTL XD but yeah yunho protect your family from ur evil mom lol XD

anyways thank you for this update and all the best ^-^
loveyunjae4ever #9
Chapter 23: love the way yunho defend jae in front of his mother! go go go go go go go author shii
beccavista #10
Chapter 23: Get well soon