shot gun wedding!

hyunjoong:mom what are you doing ?

onew:nothing hyunnie iam making a cake! its your dads birthday tommorow

hyunjoong:so its the olds mans birthday?

onew:hyunnie please respect your father

hyunjoong pov

how can i forgive him mom? you dont know what happened after you were admitted in the hospital

i can never forgive that man  after what he had done to you

 hyunjoong:if only you knew what happened seven years before mom you would never forgive that man

onew:hyunjoong what are you talking?

hyunjoong:nothing mom ! iam leaving

onew pov

what happened 7 years before?

i must find out


hyunjoongs pov



******flashback seven years before*********************

i was waiting for my dad to pick me up from my school

but he didnt turn up ! so i decided that i will walk my way to my home

but suddenly a middle aged man came to me and asked me if i was lost

and i had to agree to him that i was lost ! he helped me to get back home

when i went to my house i was shocked to find my mom bleeding on the floor 

and my dad hitting my bleeding mother!  and my mom didnt revolt back 

because he was unconcious ! that uncle who earlier brought me to my house hit my dad

and threw him aside ! he immediately lifted my mom in his hands and rushed to the hospital with me

in the hospital that uncle said to the doctors that he is the father of my mom 

and my grandfather ! he admiited my mom  and rescued us from our dad 

he assured me evrything will be alrite 

but he suddenly vanished when my uncle yunho arrived

but still i will have t o thank my grandfather kangin for helping me

i will definately unite my mom and my grand dad

========flasback ends=======================================

yunho: advance happy birthday bro

changmin:thanks yunho

yunho:so what are you planning for your birthday?

changmin:yunho iam thinking to make hyunnie as the director of the  jung corp

yunho:its  a very good idea bro! did hyunnie accept it?

changmin:he is not talking to me yunho

yunho:he will talk to you hung ! dont loose hope

mrsjung:what are you two talking about?

yunho:nothing mom ! just about changmins birthday

mrsjung:about that! changmin jessica is coming to korea


changmin:mom how can you do this i dont want to see her

mrsjung:changmin dont be so rude changmin! if you didnt marry that jessica would have been your wife

yunho:thank god changmin married onew and i married jaejoong ! we both escaped to marry that

mrsjung:shut up you idiot! i dont want anyone to look down on jessica

changmin: i cannot promise you anything mom! if she says anything to onew iam gong to loose my temper

yunho:same goes with me

mrsjung:you disgraceful children listen to me

yunho:sorry i cannot listen to you !i have some work to do

changmin:wait for me yunho even i will come with you

==================wih yunjae ========================================

jaejoong:yunnnie hung! are you drunk again?

yunho:so what? if you too want to drink then go and drink stop shouting at me

jaejoong:you really dont care about me do you?

yunho:jaejoong please dont start again

yunho pov

no this is not happening he is crying 

yunho:stop crying

jaejoong:no! you dont care about me! 

yunho:i care about you jae! now stop crying! 

jaejoong:no !! you only love your laptop and your work

yunho:jaejoong! stop crying you will wake up everyone

jaejoong:yeah! i will wake up everyone ! i messed up your life and you hate me

yunho:what are you shouting jaejoong! please be quite

jaejoong:no hung ! today i will cry! you hate me

yunho:jae! i dont hate you i love you! see if you cry then our baby inside will you also cry

          so please stop crying

yunho pov

he looks so irressistable when he is sniffing 

now stop crying

yunho:if you cry the baby will also cry and the baby will turn ugly

           do you want an ugly baby?

jaejoong:no! i want to have a beautiful baby! 

yunho:then stop crying

jaejoong:hung can i hug you 

yunho:come lets sleep you can cuddle as much as you want

jaejoong:ok hung

yunho pov

what a cute kid he is !

really jaejoong can you be any more cute

=============with yoochun and minho===================


 park siwon

yoochuns father

married to kibum

kibum died after giving birth to yoochun


yoochun:dad my baby is not even born! we dont need to buy this whole store

siwon:all these things are for my grand children yoochun! so please let me buy them


siwon:yoochun! why dont you go and wait for me in the car? i will bill these and talk to you at once

yoochun:ok dad

yoochun pov

as i was walking out of the door 

i saw a couple buying some matching rings


i felt that i have seen that man some where

when i went close to see them

it was minho?

minho:honey i dont think this ring suits you

minyoung:oppa i want this ring it matches your wedding ring

minho:but honey we are not going to get married

minyoung:oppa please leave that park

minho:i cannot minyoung! iam married to him

minyoung:oppa just divorce him




minyoung:oppa he is bleeding


siwon:yooochun! what happened? 

minho:lets take him to the hospital


leetuk:kangin what are you thinking

kangin:nothing leetuk

leetuk:your thinking about onew rite?

kangin:leetuk iam worried about my son

leetuk:he is not only your son kangin! he is even mine

kangin:thank you leetuk! because of you only i could help onew the other day

leetuk:kangin hung! i know that you helped onew when he was pregnant and you blackmailed changmin to be responsible for onew

        and canceled changmins engagement with jessica

kangin:i know leetuk

leetuk:kangin why dont you tell all these to onew! why dont you bring our son to our house

kangin:thank you leetuk for aways helping me

leetuk:i can do this kangin hung shindong is my brother after all    



hyunjoong: you have only two chices abort that baby or marry me

junsu:are you kidding me? why will i do that?

hyunjoong:what will you get ?exposing jung changmin

junsu:he will marry me

hyunjoong:dont you get it he is married and he will  not care about anything

junsu:but i will go to the media

hyunjoong:what will happen? after two days everyone will forget about the issue

           and what will happen to you?

junsu: i will be the loser

hyunjoong:so now whats your decision?

junsu: i willl marry you! but what will you get from marrying me?

hyunjoong:my mothers happiness




authors pov
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