shot gun wedding!

hyunjoong:mr jung eat this ! u have not eaten anything since yesterday

changmin:thankyou son but iam not hungry

hyunjoong:eat it mr jung! i dont want an other admit in this hospital

changmin:no i wont eat anything until onew wakes up

hyunjoong:do u really love him??

changmin:if i didnt love him then u wouldn't be born 

hyunjoong:then why are you giving him pain mr jung?

changmin:the pain iam giving him is the result of my unknowing crimes!

hyujoong pov

i dont know what to say

but some times i really care for u as a son

may be you are not that bad

jessica pov

ah! what a drama son and fathers relationship  i want to really vomit seeing this tragic drama

there is no way changmin and that bastard are going to be a family again!

idiot people!




minho:i know iam leaving ! i just submitted my resignation from this company

yoochun:wait! i have to talk to u!


yoochun:i want to give u one more chance

minho:is this for real yoochun!

yoochun:i know i should not beleive a snake but yes! iam giving u a last chance

minho:i will do anything to prove myself yoochun! anything!

yoochun:just dont break my heart minhossi!

minho:definately  yoochunshi! can i meet my children


yoochun pov

this is your last chance minho please dont break my heart!

if u dothat again i might not have the will to be alive

minho:this little guy just looks like me!

yoochun:i know! 

minho:they just have my genes a lot yoochun! see his eyes!

and my princess just smiles like me yoochun

yoochun:yes they are sweet children! can u leave the room for some time


yoochun:they are hungry i have to feed them


yoochun:please leave!

minho:dont you rust me yoochun? i have seen you totally and if

your half that doesnot mind me

yoochun:please stop your

minho:why not this time i will take protective measures yoochun



yunho:jae! look at our baby!

jaejoong:shes so beautiful

yunho:she just looks like you jaejoong 

jaejoong:shes so cute! did she really come out from my tummy?

yunho:yes jaejoong she is ours

jaejoong:she looks like me!

yunho:what do u want to name her jaejoong?

jaejoong:i want to name her kitty cat

yunho:jae ! our daughter is not a cat

jaejoong:but shes cute yunho


jaejoong:what about  pizza

yunho:jae are you serious you want to name our daughter pizza

jaejoong:its unique yunhossi ! she will be jung pizza cat

yunho:thats disgusting for a name jaejoong! she is my daughter a jung


yunho:her name will be jung shinhye

jaejoong:but that name is not that good as jung pizza cat!

yunho:even if going to die iam not going to change he name! she is jung shinhye and its final

mrs jung:yunho! what are you doing!

yunho:mom meet your grand daughter shinhye

mrs jung:she is beautiful!

yunho:she so pretty

mrs jung:oh jae now your finally releived rite! nw you can go bck to school and finish your studies

yunho:mom what are you saying?

mrs jung:iam saying the truth yunho jaejoong has given birth to your baby and his job is done 

              now u will divorce him and marry jessica! 

yunho:mom are you crazy? why in the world will i marry jessica? 

               when i have jaejoong and  shinhye

mrsjung:your saing you want to stay with this stupid brat for your whole life??

yunho:mom jaejoong may be a brat , a lazy rat, stupid , fool ,a complete idiot!

            but still he is my wife and my life ! so please stop your stupid plans!



authors pov

i  was  suffering from typhoid all these days ! so iam very sorry i couldn't update

iam sorry this chapter is short but things get interesting in next chap!

thank u everyone for supporting me





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