shot gun wedding!

onew pov

i dont know why but my heart is still hurt rite now!

after the confession of changmin hung!

i dont think i have to stay here at all!

iam so hurt now!

but what ever changmin hung said was true!

iam just a waste of time! just use me throw me away!

but still this this use and throw heart of mine is in pain!

i dont know but i think my heart is going to explode with pain!

and suddenly i felt that my heart beat was getting high! 

i couldnot control my self any more

i cannt walk! whats happening to me?

jessica pov

how can i get yunho oppa??

i have to think of a plan or otherwise i will not be lady jung

what should i do! so many thoughts were in my mind

till the second i have seen onew the holding his chest and screaming in pain

jessica:hey you ! what are you doing here?

onew:jes..ic..a! help...

jessica:me helping you!

onew:jessica please

jessica:ok i will help you! come on with me!

onew:help... me

jessica:oh! i forgot i dont help people! here just get lost !

onew ppov

she pushed me from the stairs and i began to roll !

and i dont remember what is happening to me after that .....m....e.........

=============the next morning===============================================

mrsjung :changmin! 

changmin:what is it mom?

mrsjung:where is your wife? he didnt prepare my morning tea! where is he?

changmin:can you please stop shouting! i have a hangover!

mrsjung:i dont care about your hang over! just tell me where he is ! he didnt even treat jessia properly

changmin:i dont know! where he is!

mrsjung:i bet he is hiding from work that cheap !

========yunjaes room============================

yunho:jaejoong! what happened?

jaejoong:ii dont know hung but i fell something is kicking me 

yunho:really! let me feel! wow! our baby is kicking really hard jae

jaejoong: ÿunhossi.........sob.......

yunho:why are you crying jae?

jaejoong:our kid doesn't like me see! he is kicking me! and when he comes out he will hate me even more

yunho:jae! your silly!  our kid loves you! he is kicking you to say that he is alive


yunho:yes jae!

jaejoong:then iam happy

yunho:your really silly jae!but still you are the person i care the most

jaejoong:thank u yunhossi

yunho:thanks a lot jae for coming into my life

changmin:yunho hung did you see onew anywhere?

yunho:no! i just got up now!

changmin:hung! i cannot find him anywhere in jiyongs and my  room! 

mrsjung:changmin! your son is crying!

changmin:why what happened? where is onew!

changmin pov

this hangover............but wait i just remember last nite!

onew and i ! no it cannot be! onew didnt leave me after my confession rite!

let me see!

yunho:changmin where are you going!


changmin pov

as i was rushing on my way towards the stairs !

i smelled something stingy and i saw bits of blood on the stairs!

no it cannot be! onew!

he was lying at the end of stairs his head covered with blood and lifeless look on his face

and all kinds of bruises on his body!

no it cannot be!

changmin:onew!!!!!!!! onew!!!!!!!!!!



changmin:onew! open  your eyes! onew! dont leave me alone! 


yunho:let me call the ambulance

jaejoong:onew hung!!


yunho:jae! take jiyong and go inside! fast

jaejoong:but onew hung! 

yunho:just take him fast

jaejoong pov

i covered jiyong eyes and  went inside with him

how can a 2 year old see his mother in this kind of state?


yoochun:i want a divorce


minho:yoochun! you cannot do this iam sorry! 

yoochun:mrpark siwon i need  divorce!

siwon:chunnie! please re think of this idea!

yoochun:i want even a law suit to be filed against  minho for  cheating me

minho:yoochun! iam sorry please for our kids sake forgive me

siwon:just give him one chance chunnie! for your kids sake

minyoung:but minho oppa! 

minho:minyoung we are over just go!

yoochun:dad! please remove this and this unfaithful guy from my room

minyoung:how dare you call me a ! you son of a ......

yoochun:before i kill my self get lost all of you dont be near to me

siwon:please leave minho and you! dont show your face here!


changmin pov

it has been 2 hours since onew was in the operation room!

i hope everything is alrite with him! please onew be safe!

yunho:changmin hunjoong is here!


hyunjoong:what happened? why is mom in I C U? what happened!

doctor:mr changmin! 

changmin:how is onew?

doctor: he had a cardiac arrest ! and  on the top of that he has a leg fracture

and some minor bruises and we stopped the bleesing from his head bt still he lost too much blood!

changmin: he will be alrite isint it?

doctor:iam sorry to say mr changmin but he is in a critical position! for the next 48 hrs we cannot say anything!

yunho:what do you mean doctor!

doctor:he will live but  there is a chance that he will be in a vegetable state for his entire life ! iam sory!

changmin:its all because of me! iam sorry onew!


yoochun:mr jang

jang:yes  master

yoochun:i want to know everything about minyoung!

jang:yes master!

yoochun:and before that i want that minyoug to suffer ! kick her and my husband out of all jobs

jang:yes young master!

yoochun:i want that on her knees!


authors pov
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Chapter 25: Tsk tsk tsk....i pity on you yunho.
Chapter 25: Yunho you
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Chapter 23: hope onew wake up soon and changmin made up for his mistakes... glad mincho and yoochun are having another chance, don't loose this minho... and i hate jessica here, so evil =.=

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