chap 1

shot gun wedding!


Jaejoong: junsu hung!! I want to  go please!!

Junsu:jae you are not allowed there!! u are just 14!!

Jaejoong:but hung I want to go to the party!!

Junsu:dad will never allow u though!!

Jaejoong:please hung I will just stay in one place!!  Please!!

Junsu::really!! Stop staring me like that!! I will feel guilty

Jaejoong:don’t feel about me hung!! You can go to the party and I will be here doing nothing!!


Jaejoong:you go hung!! I will be here!! Seeing my face in the mirror for nothing!!

Junsu:fine you can come with me!!

Jaejoong:really?? I love you hung!!


Changmin:onew  I want a daughter!!

Onew:minni not now!!

Changmin:then when onew?? Please !!

Onew:no  Minnie hung!! Jiyong is just one and I have to take care of him

Changmin: that was the same answer when you gave me when we had woobin

Onew:but hung I think 2 kids are enough hung!!

Changmin:no onew !I want an other one !! I promise this one will be last!!

Onew:but hung!!

Changmin:no buts please onew!! One a last one!!

Onew pov

  I cannot hung the doctor said I may not survive

   If I give birth again 

Onew:I will think about it hung

Changmin pov

Onew nevdr thinks about me its always about himself!!

I want an other kid and that’s final!!


Yunho:hi buddy how is my party

Yoochun:fine not bad!!

Yunho:not bad?? I spent more than 6000$ on this party

Yoochun:did you invite junsu???

Yunho:I did!and by the way chun what is so great about that guy any way??

Yoochun:I don’t know!!

 Yunho:you don’t know? 2 years chun you are following him for 2 years

Yoochun:but he still doesn't look at me

Yunho:I don’t think he doesn't even  know that you exist

Yoochun:but still his one smile  lights up my life !! that is called love hung!

Yunho:love?? I think you are sick yoochun

Junsu:hi boss

Yunho:hi junsu!! Welcome to my I just got bored party

Jaejoong:you give parties because you get bored??

Yunho:yeah,well iam jung yunho after all

Jaejoong:oh nice to know that

Yunho:junsu he is sort of interesting!!

Junsu:he is my brother!!

Jaejoong:yeaah!! my name is kim jaejoong

Yunho:how old are you??


Yunho:20?? You look really young for that age

Junsu:excuse us for a second

Junsu:jaejoong are you out of your mind??


Junsu:you are 14 !!


Jaejoong:take a chill pill brother I will be 20 in six years,beside he looks cute!!

Junsu:but he is my boss and a ert!!

Yunho:are you two ok?? You two took more than 10 mins

Jaejoong:iam sorry!!

Yunho:anyway junsu  please  accompany yoochun!! While I check out your brother

Junsu:but jaejoong!!

Jaejoong:I will be fine hung!!

Yunho:then lets go!!

Jaejoong:yeah lets go!!

Yunho:so do u drink??


Jaejoong pov

So he wants me to drink!! I love to drink he handed me some dark brown color juice

I think it is some special energy drink!!

I just gulped the whole drink at once

Yunho:it seems you are a heavy drinker

Jaejoong:well yess!

Yunho:then do you want to ??


Yunho:the next move!!

Jaejoong:what move??

Yunho pov

Really this guy is forcing me to speak!! I like it!!

Yunho:lets  go to my room

Jaejoong: what??

Jaejoong pov

Before I realized what was going on  I felt my lips sealed with his!!! I was thrown on a comfy bed!!

i was completely backed out!!

And after that something huge was stuck in my !!

 And  I was totally unaware of the consequences!!


authors pov

thanks a lot for  commenting and subscribing!!



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