Lily- A story of rebirth

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Toxic people threw so much hate at two innoncent young girls who were just trying to work hard and be themselves.

Becky swallowed her pain as much as she could. Until she didn't.

Freen adored the younger one too much to force a situation.

This is the story of the end of what could have been. And beginnings of opposite journeys..

Can tortuous paths run and ever meet again?


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Chapter 22: It really did come full circle, I can hear the bells ringing from my bed room LOL
JuReen_Sloth 0 points #2
Chapter 22: Taylor is so funny.. Hahahahha.. Congratulations freenbeck! Wedding bell can be heard
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Chapter 22: Im just so touched by this chapter... Becky is soo picky to have Freen... Freen really does everything to make Becky happy 😢 Thank you for this chapter! Take care and stay safe 😊
Chapter 21: Well I am Irin when Becky told her about a dragon Freen 😭🤣😭
Time to make new sibling for Lily, both of you!
Chapter 21: Author nim...thank you for updating this. Really means a lot.
I share the same view with Irin..can't imagine how Freen's so hot in attacking both Becbec hole with a strap..🤯
Okay Freen, time to get lily's a new siblings
Chapter 1: Gosh! This is so hard for me to read it 😭
Chapter 21: Why doubting the words that Becky said Freen? It sounds sincere right? Come on she volunteered to carry your seed possibly because she has the same dream as you? Just my thoughts running 😂 Love Lily's quick wits on whats still lacking in the family 😁 Hopefully they will discuss this further, im interested to see what are the actual concerns and opinions about this.. Thank you for another great update! Take care and stay safe 😊
JuReen_Sloth #8
Chapter 21: Freen junior in the making. Come on freen don't think otherwise. Bec is for sure serious bout it.
But damn the dragon when piss is scary & hottt
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Chapter 21: Google play hands to my self by Selena Gomez again please these two can't seem to get enough of each other 🤣🤣
Chapter 20: This is so precious..can't wait for lily to get siblings.
But why the sighed Freen? Hehe