Objection, Your Honor! Bakit Ako?

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Si Karina Yu na consistent 1st placer sa ranking of dean's listers in the College of Law, tends to be egocentric and hates the L word to the core ay nakahanap ng katapat niya;


Si Winter Kim na transferee from Australia due to unknown reasons who seems to be dedma lang palagi sa nangyayari sa paligid niya unless involved na talaga siya, rumored NJSB pero naging instant campus crush dahil sa intriguing aura at malagkit na aussie accent niya.


Nabalitaan ni Karina that Winter is an overachiever abroad, which means... She isn't the only one aiming for that 1st spot?




;Wherein, Karina Yu tries to date Winter Kim; the quiet and nonchalant transferee from Australia. Ulterior motive ni Karina? To distract Winter in order to keep her place on top. Did she succeed? Yes. May na distract nga... Walang iba kundi ang sarili niya!


Au will be written in taglish with matching aussie accent. Chos!

I changed their courses kasi mas gusto ko yung intense wherein may tension yung sagutan HAHA. I am not a law student, neither have I studied about it so please correct me if may mali ako. >< I'll try my best to look up for important infos about law.

Plot not mine. Credits to that one screenshot from tiktok that was posted on twitter. 

This will be my first long au and I can't promise na magiging consistent ako sa updates kasi you know... Med school. HAHAHA but I'll try my best to do it more than once a week. I don't like it if I leave people hangin'. Enjoy~

heto naaa! 'wag na kayong umiyak at maghingalo please TT

personally, i think it's bitin kasi... simula pa lang 'to HAHAHAHA three chapters and Sagada trip ><


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