Here With Me

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Jimin has waited enough for this "long-overdue" road trip to the beach. While on the way, she couldn't help but reminisce memories with the love of her life, Minjeong.


This is my first one-shot, guys. Please be gentle ^^

Yup, this was inspired by d4vd's Here With Me. I also recommend you to listen to it while reading- to get in the feels~

This would definitely be a rollercoaster of emotions for I myself will not deny that I laughed and cried >< I wrote this for almost 3 days so i guess, prepare tissues and ready your hearts.

Also, considering that this is a one-shot. I managed to fit all of the story outline in one go so, i think it would be a little overwhelming? HAHA Happy Reading~

Welp, that's it hahaha I have another plot inspired by the song where they would grow old and grey but I sticked to this because I already started it >< I hope, I conveyed the message of the story clearly though I know I still need some improvements but I'd like to think that you'd get it HAHA
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