Here With Me
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Jimin giddily packed everything. Water, food, sunscreen and every essential that is needed for a long road trip to the beach.


She can’t remember when was the last time they went on a trip because of their hectic schedule so she made sure that everything will go according to plan.


Although she was still quite unsure about the weather because the news hasn’t been clear about it however, it will not stop the “long-planned” trip she obviously poured her blood, sweat, and tears into. She’s not exaggerating though. It’s true but not literally. I mean, you get it.


“I’m ready, my love!” she shouted light-heartedly across the living room where she and her scattered things would be found.


If you’d enter the house and seem to be caught up in this kind of situation, Minjeong would literally tell you “Apologies, please don’t mind her. She gets quite messy when she’s preparing for a trip.” In a few words, this is a normal set up whenever they plan to do something grand.


Jimin, with all her bubbly glory, brought the bags and everything that could fit in her arms. She doesn’t mind the possibility that she might trip along the way because the bags and baskets are blocking her field of vision. All she thinks about are her feet on the sand caught by the waves, her eyes not leaving the beautiful sight of the sunset, and the cool breeze of the wind passing through the strands of her hair. She’s not excited, she’s exhilarated!


While on the way, her heart keeps swelling at the thought that she will be breathing fresh air while embracing the love of her life along with the calming sound of the waves.


They would talk about the most random things and Minjeong would just giggle at her not so corny banters, she would try to carry Minjeong and gently put her into the water, teasing the hell out of her because she knows Minjeong hates being splashed by water, and then facing the consequences of her silly actions, she would now do everything to make the sulky Minjeong get back to her happy mood.


Jimin smiled at the thought as she turned her head to the direction of the passenger seat where her Minjeong would sit every time they are together in the car, her love would give back the smile that was plastered on her face even if she was clueless on what was Jimin smiling about.


Getting immersed with her own feelings she went to a trip down memory lane.




“So… What do you want to talk about?” If Jimin was nervous, Minjeong would’ve thought otherwise because she did not show any signs of gay panicking in her. She remained seated and patiently waited for Minjeong’s mind bugging 'talk'.


“I’ve been thinking about this the past few days and uhm, how do I say this? Do you remember when you asked me if I like Jaemin?” This stunned Jimin. Now, the oh so calm Jimin became anxious as she feels her palms beginning to release sweat.


Why was she sweating? Well, it looks like Minjeong would say something that could cause her sleepless nights – listening to every song of December Avenue, crying her heart out while hugging a photo of Minjeong along with her favorite flannel. Is she overreacting? Probably…


But can you blame her? They haven’t really talked about what’s going on between the two of them. Was there something behind Minjeong’s actions? When she wipes the side of Jimin’s mouth if she eats carelessly, when she holds Jimin’s hand whenever the latter feels nervous, when she also stays up late accompanying Jimin every time the older pulls an all-nighter due to pending home works.


“Y-yeah. What about it?” Seriously, Jimin?! She scolded herself because she stuttered. She remembered, Minjeong didn’t have the time to retort if she likes the guy because they were running late for their next class so it was left in her mind, unresolved.


“I don’t like him.” Jimin released a sigh of relief, not minding Minjeong’s confused face because the former was obviously becoming a whole wreck.


“In fact, I like someone else.” Jimin’s relief once again vanished and was replaced by her unwavering thoughts. WHAT?! She didn’t tell me anything about this. Who? Why? Sigh. This is it. She has to prepare herself for the next words that would come out of this little woman's mouth  who had capture her whole entire being.


“She’s sweet and thoughtful.” Minjeong continued since Jimin never uttered a single word after she said she likes someone. “Sometimes, she may be a pain in the but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.” Lucky her. Jimin thought. Wait… her? She? Minjeong likes a girl?


“And… she is all I could ever ask for. Nothing more, nothing less.” Minjeong added finishing her dreamy statement about that someone. Cheeks flustered and shyness evident on Minjeong’s face. Jimin was about to open to respond and say anything that would pop into her mind but Minjeong cut her through it.


“It’s you, Jimin… It has always been you. I don’t know if you’re playing dumb or just too dense to realize my feelings for you but here I am, taking the risk and letting you know that from the very beginning, you already have my heart before I was even aware of it.” Jimin couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She has thought for the worse, she already has a set up in her imagination on what will be her situation when she gets home but the Gods may be in favor of her because the person that she had been admiring from afar was the one who confessed first.


“I’m sorry.” obviously panicking, these were the only words that got out of after a long time of squeezing her brain out into thinking that Minjeong likes a person that is not her.


“Oh…” Minjeong laughed bitterly unable to hide the hurt in the tone of it. Her hopeful eyes that were full of candor changed into defeated pairs of sadness, retracting the direction of her sight and proceeded to look down, hiding her disappointment.


“N-no! I mean! I-t’s not! Aishhh.” The older was still loss for words. Doubting if the happenings are real or just a mere product of her imagination because why would the ever shy and quiet Minjeong who is academically excellent, stupendously beautiful, and out-of-her-league type of woman confess to her first?


Jimin held Minjeong’s chin to let the younger face her. Gathering her thoughts and collecting herself, Jimin whole-heartedly let out the words that have been dying to come out since she realized that she could never treat Minjeong as someone who is just a friend.


“Minjeong, it has always been you, too. Since the day I’ve laid eyes on you. It may sound cliché and cheesy but its true. I wouldn’t even believe it if I hadn’t experience it.” She hopes that Minjeong could see the sincerity in her eyes conveying that the younger isn’t alone in this one. Letting the loud thud in her chest express the unexplainable yet good feeling that she feels towards the younger, hoping and praying that Minjeong could hear it and make her know that they both share the same heartbeat.




“Good old days, love.” Jimin mumbled. She took a left turn, nearing her destination. Maybe she was too immersed in remembering happy memories that she didn’t realize she was almost there.


After shifting her gear, a warm and appeasing scenery welcomed her. She closed her eyes for a while, letting the place engulf her and her tranquil thoughts.


Jimin set the mat, food, and camera as she settled herself in a comfortable position. She let the water touch her feet and the breeze hit her alluring face. She felt as if her breath was taken away.


Well it was not new to her though. She is used to being breathless when she is with Minjeong. She even remembered the first time she realized that the girl has always taken breath away along with the loud beating of the organ inside her chest.




“Love, c’mon! Don’t be such a scaredy cat.” Minjeong scolded her while pouting. Jimin couldn’t help but chuckle at the cute sight she is witnessing.


She would pay any amount just to see this side of Minjeong every day. A view where the oh so mighty but reserved student council president known for her strict leadership and “always stick to the rules” self, looking like a baby who is asking for another cotton candy because she accidentally dropped hers.


“No, lovey. I’m just thinking about your safety.” Jimin replied whilst still looking amusedly at the girl in front of her.


“Tsk. I’m not a kid, Yoo Jimin.” Okay. Full name basis. This is not what she expected. Before Minjeong could even throw tantrums, Jimin had pull her already to the way where the Ferris wheel has been capturing every eye of the passersby.


“Let’s go, you big baby… and it’s ‘love’ by the way.” Jimin said and snickered which made the younger smile, the one that made her eyes become crescents under the igniting lights of the fair.


Jimin had a hard time holding Minjeong in place because the younger was overly excited about the view from above. The night light illuminated her seraphic features and along with it was the perfect view of the city which witnessed every

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