25 autumns

14. Kiss on the neck





“Why don't you come to sleep soon?” Woohyun asked, eyes puffy from sleep, rolling over on the bed once more.


When Sunggyu wasn't by his side, Woohyun had trouble sleeping, but he didn't talk about it much because he didn't want his husband to blame himself for his strange habit. Sunggyu stretched out his arms, letting out a long yawn, still with his attention on the computer.


“I'm going to bed soon,” Sunggyu commented, typing hastily. “I just need to finish this first. I'm almost done.”


“You said that 20 minutes ago.”


“Then you should have slept 20 minutes ago.”


Woohyun sighed, angrily grabbing a pillow and trying to use it as a substitute. He hugged it tight, feeling frustrated. It didn't have Sunggyu's light breath or his scent. It didn't hug him back, patting Woohyun's head until they both fell asleep.


Woohyun got up slowly, heading over to the table where Sunggyu was working. His husband noticed his approach and frowned, but kept working. Woohyun leaned over him, bringing his face close to his neck and leaving a long, warm kiss there, making Sunggyu's body shiver.


“Hey…” Sunggyu gasped, trying to push him away with his arm, feeling goose bumps on his body as Woohyun's lips kissed his skin. “I'm busy… this isn't the time for this.”


“I'm busy too,” teased Woohyun, smiling before kissing his neck intensely, next to his ear. It was satisfying to realize that Sunggyu was already distracted enough, trying to disguise his sighs. “I need to sleep, but I can't without you by my side.”


Sunggyu didn't answer for long seconds. Woohyun stopped teasing him when he realized he closed the notebook. Sunggyu got up and walked to bed with a very excited Woohyun. As soon as the two lay down, Woohyun hugged him tight, feeling sleep arrive after a few moments.


“That's it?” Sunggyu asked, frowning. Woohyun let out a long yawn, confused to notice that his husband looked red and a little frustrated.




“Forget it, go to sleep.”


Woohyun nodded, laying his head on the pillow and falling asleep within seconds. Sunggyu didn't know if he was upset or surprised by that reaction. Woohyun never let such an opportunity pass.


“You must be really tired,” Sunggyu commented, chuckling and kissing his husband's cheek before settling on the bed. “Well, it's too bad for you.”


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