Before you wake up

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1. "Good morning" kiss


Before you wake up


Woohyun's neck was starting to hurt. The left side of his face was tingling from holding it over his hand and he felt his arm start to cramp. Even so, he remained in that position for 20 minutes, watching Sunggyu rest in front of him with a silly smile on his lips.


He was very fond of watching his boyfriend sleep more than he would admit. Because Sunggyu had struggled with persistent insomnia for years since his military service, seeing him get an early rest was a huge victory.


Woohyun knew he had a slight stake in it. He would sing Sunggyu to sleep for a few nights, patting his head until he relaxed. He didn't mind closing his eyes right after. Nothing was more satisfying than knowing that he was no longer wandering around the kitchen at 4:00 in the morning in search of a hot drink.


He noticed Sunggyu slowly opening his eyes, covering his face against the sunlight streaming through the window. He yawned, feeling Woohyun bring his free hand to his, intertwining their fingers. Woohyun leaned towards him, capturing his lips in a long, sweet kiss.


“Good Morning!” Woohyun said, moving away slowly. Sunggyu smiled as he watched him.


“Have you been awake a long time?” he asked, giving another long yawn.


Woohyun frowned, trying to hide his smile.


“No,” he lied. “I woke up seconds before you did.”




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