Worst winner

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22. Giggly kiss





Worst winner


Woohyun was a little competitive, but he didn't have much of a problem losing to Sunggyu.


Their dates used to be at Sunggyu's house and they would take the opportunity to sit together on the couch and spend hours watching movies, playing games or eating some junk food.


Sunggyu wasn't very good at playing FIFA and Woohyun played pretty much every week, even making the top 10 monthly best players once. The competition was unfair, but he loved seeing his boyfriend excited whenever he thought he'd outplayed him.


The score was 4-2 for Woohyun, but Sunggyu couldn't help but celebrate a lot or create expectations that he would turn the game around whenever he dominated the ball. Woohyun smiled, pretending he hadn't let him score earlier on purpose just to see his serious expression fade from his face.


“I'm only a few minutes away from winning,” Sunggyu was saying, so excited that he seemed to press all the buttons on the controller at the same time.


“You're not even close,” teased Woohyun, trying to stop him from scoring another goal.


He almost blocked it, but by some luck of fate, Sunggyu's forward did a bicycle kick, scoring one of the best points of the match. Sunggyu jumped off the couch, screaming and cheering as if his victory was already guaranteed. Woohyun smiled nervously, starting to worry.


“You'll lose next time!” said Sunggyu, sitting down again.


His boyfriend was a terrible winner, the kind that would laugh, point his finger in his opponent's face and for the rest of the day. He was the role model Woohyun hated, but Sunggyu didn't piss him off by doing any of that. When he boasted, Woohyun's heart warmed and a defeated smile appeared on his lips. That's why they say love is blind.


Woohyun didn't make room for him to dominate the ball again and played as much as he could. Woohyun fidgeted on the couch, smiling expectantly as his players got even closer to a new goal.


Then, before he managed to hit the ball, he felt his face jerk abruptly. Sunggyu had a teasing smile on his lips as he kissed Woohyun awkwardly. Woohyun laughed, completely hanging on to his concentration. Sunggyu kept looking towards the television, letting go of Woohyun's face and stealing the ball.


“Hey! That's not worth it.” Woohyun kept laughing as he tried to retrieve the ball, but Sunggyu proceeded to put his body in front of him, excited to score another goal.


“I told you I was going to turn!” Celebrated Sunggyu, as if a draw was the same as a victory.


Woohyun took a deep breath after his bout of laughter, letting go of control and hugging him. His boyfriend stopped laughing, smiling nervously before Woohyun kissed him more intensely.


“Okay, you won,” Woohyun said as he moved away. “What do you want?”


Sunggyu thought for a few seconds, seeming to remember only at that moment that their dispute was worth a prize. He smiled again, giving his boyfriend an intense look, which made Woohyun curious and at the same time.


“You,” Sunggyu said in a seductive tone. “The sink is full of dishes.”


Woohyun's smile faded from his lips.


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