25 autumns



16. French kiss





It was supposed to be just a musical.


Sunggyu didn't mix romance with work. In 10 years of career, this was the rule that he didn't break in any way, even more considering his entire career as a musical actor, where he only dated men offstage.


Woohyun was his first partner in an LGBT project. Unlike Sunggyu, that idol was trying to act in a big musical for the first time. He was a rising star who had very little experience with the stage, much more used to small parts in dramas. Sunggyu was convinced that a homoual role was nothing more than a strategy for him.


He just didn't expect Woohyun to be more than just a pretty face trying to bring fame to his own group. Woohyun was charismatic, too sincere when he said that Sunggyu was his biggest idol and inspiration. Those accolades made the actor happier than he had expected.


The two had incredible chemistry when acting. The looks were convincing, the touches seemed too intimate, the way Woohyun held his chin and said he loved him so intensely made Sunggyu stunned.


Sunggyu knew that his heart shouldn't beat so hard having his lips against Woohyun's. It was acting, that's all.


It was painful to delude himself even when Woohyun held him. Woohyun's tongue didn't need to enter his mouth, but still he insisted on tasting every detail of it. Sunggyu allowed it, tired of pretending he wasn't rocked by every touch he received.


It was the sweetest kiss of his life, so good that even when the director announced the scene was over, they continued kissing for a few seconds.


Sunggyu backed away when they were called again, feeling his entire body warm. When their eyes met, he knew he was lost.


Woohyun watched him for a long time, seeming to have the same feelings. He didn't move for a few seconds, still holding Sunggyu.


“Maybe…” he began, his voice whispering in the actor's ear. Sunggyu noticed him slightly moving the microphone hanging from his face. “Maybe I got too involved with this musical. I feel like I'm confusing fiction with reality.”


Sunggyu pressed his own lips together, realizing he was slowly releasing him. The actor has never had such a need to hug someone again.


“That's normal, right?” Woohyun asked, noticing that he was still silent.


The idol looked nervous, as if he was afraid of the reaction his partner would have. Before the set resumed recording, Sunggyu sighed, intertwining their fingers for a few seconds and receiving an expectant look from Woohyun.


“Yes, it is,” Sunggyu admitted, feeling his heart speed up as he saw him flash a beautiful smile. “And…maybe it's reciprocal.”



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