25 autumns

21. Jealous kiss






Woohyun didn't feel entitled to be jealous, especially when they had been separated for 6 months. Even so, it was hard to ignore that stranger wrapping Sunggyu's shoulders in a hug and making him smile widely, the same way he used to smile next to him.


The scene made him a little sick. He watched the bride and groom dancing together and wondered if he was such a friend to them to stay there and have to deal with feelings he should have gotten over by now. He got up from his chair and walked as far away from that place as possible.


He walked aimlessly through the starry night, the memories bothering him even more. In the past, they loved to take advantage of nights like this to go for a walk.


Now, he walked “alone”, with slow and hesitant steps, knowing that this would make it easier for the person following him to accompany him.


“You seem anxious to be mugged,” commented his company, making Woohyun sigh upon hearing his voice.


Woohyun stopped walking, turning his body towards him. He was a few steps away, with the smile on his lips that Woohyun loved so much.


“Shouldn't you enjoy the party with your boyfriend?” Woohyun asked, his voice more impulsive than he expected. Sunggyu seemed to be amused by his words.


“It's been a while since I've dated,” Sunggyu muttered, watching the sky for a few seconds. “Since my idiot ex broke up with me because he thought I'd settle down with my family.”


“Should I have stayed and made you more unhappy?” Woohyun asked, frustrated. He swallowed hard, trying not to be overwhelmed by his emotions, even though it was very difficult.


“Of all the people in the world, you were the last to make me unhappy.” Sunggyu smiled, leaning against a wall and looking back at the sky, completely ignoring Woohyun's surprised expression.


Sunggyu closed his eyes and smiled, enjoying the light night breeze that ruffled his brown hair. Admiring him in that instant made Woohyun know that he never stopped loving him. Maybe he hadn't tried hard enough, but he knew it wasn't something he could control.


Woohyun thought about the man who was in his company. Sunggyu said the two aren't dating, but his insecurity made him wonder if that could change at some point. Woohyun didn't want to build up courage just when he lost him.


He didn't care if he was in a public place. He approached Sunggyu and pressed him more against the wall, making him open his eyes. His ex-boyfriend didn't react, as if he had been expecting this and knew the urgency Woohyun had to unite their lips.


He closed the distance between the bodies further as Sunggyu pulled him by the back of his head. The kiss became intense, as Woohyun's heart raced to want him back.


“You… got braver,” Sunggyu commented as they walked away, smiling as he watched Woohyun. Woohyun felt nervous and all he wanted to ask for was a second chance. He wouldn't give up again.


“I think we better get back to the party,” Woohyun muttered instead. He held his hands, feeling light as he realized that Sunggyu held it back. We can talk more about this at some point, but... I'm glad to see he's not reluctant with me.


“It was really a good idea to invite Sungyeol,” muttered Sunggyu with an amused smile as the two started walking. Woohyun frowned.


“Did you say something?”





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