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3. Drunk/sloppy kiss


Soju flavor


When his apartment ceiling seemed to spin, Woohyun let out a long laugh. Maybe he's been drinking a little too much.


He was sitting on the couch in Sunggyu's apartment, his head leaning against the wall. It was karaoke night, so when he returned his gaze to his friend, he noticed him flustered, sometimes mistaking the bottle he was holding with the microphone.


His blond hair was messy and the way he sang softly over a romantic song made Woohyun's heart race.


“Woohyun, why are you so slow?” Sunggyu had stopped the song halfway and sat next to him, leaning his head on Woohyun's shoulder. “I've been choosing these songs on purpose.”


Woohyun's body heated up. He didn't know if it was because of the alcohol, but he felt a strong urge to hold his flushed face and shower him with kisses.


“What do you mean?” Woohyun asked, wanting to confirm what he already imagined.


“I like you,” Sunggyu confessed, his eyes clouded with drink. “And I know you like me. So why are we stalling so hard to be together?”


Woohyun started laughing, this time uncontrollably. Sunggyu frowned, not knowing if he was offended or unsure.


“What's the fun?”


“Is that… I'm happy,” admitted Woohyun, slowly controlling himself, putting his forehead to Sunggyu's. His face was red from the alcohol, but it still remained perfect.


“Of course you are,” muttered Sunggyu, smiling slightly. “It's not every day that Kim Sunggyu confesses to someone. You must feel privileged.”


“You look so funny drunk,” Woohyun commented with a smile, holding his face.


Woohyun approached slowly, feeling short of breath as he saw Sunggyu close his eyes and enjoy the long seconds when their lips touched. Slowly, the two deepened the kiss with a strong flavor of alcohol. Woohyun nibbled his lips with desire, hearing him sigh. It didn't take long for Sunggyu to quickly sit on his lap, wrapping his arms around Woohyun's neck.


Hyung,” Woohyun said, parting his lips slowly as his sanity returned again. “Don't you think we're going too fast?”


Sunggyu laughed, leaning his head back, which made Woohyun take a deep breath, finding him so attractive. He barely knew how he'd managed to hold on for so many years.


“Do you really want to stop now?” He asked as he lowered his lips to Woohyun's neck, nibbling his skin.




“Then shut up.”



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