We will go together

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23. Last kiss






We will go together


Woohyun couldn't relax on that hospital bed.


His back ached, which was normal for his age, but he knew his pain was due to the discomfort he still felt. For 60 years, he was used to having someone to hug, support his head, or simply feel his breath while he slept. He glanced at the bed next to his, annoyed that he wasn't within reach.


“Woo…” The husky voice was weaker, which tightened Woohyun's sensitive heart. Maybe he was deep in pain or just having a nightmare, Woohyun couldn't say.


“I'm here,” Woohyun replied, getting up slowly. He held the stand with his IV, dragging it until they were close.


He opened his eyes slowly, having trouble seeing him because of his already deteriorated vision. He looked frustrated, which made Woohyun smile sadly. Sunggyu has always been like that, too stubborn to get sick and show weakness. Therefore, Woohyun held his hands and pretended not to notice his husband's heavy breathing.


“Why are you hospitalized?” Sunggyu asked worriedly, intertwining their fingers.


“What old man wouldn't have his blood pressure dropping when he saw his love going down?” Woohyun replied, chuckling tiredly. His head was pounding and his heart was beating slower than usual. Still, Woohyun lay down next to his husband, leaning his head on Sunggyu's shoulder.


When Sunggyu got the news that he only had a few months to live, none of them were the same again. Every day was a different fight. Woohyun knew that Sunggyu hated to see him so tired trying to take care of him, so he checked himself in as soon as possible. That morning's cardiac arrest was just one of the scares they'd ever had, and Woohyun still wasn't satisfied with the possibility of having one last time.


“Remember how we got close in college?” Woohyun asked, when Sunggyu covered them both with the sheet. “We went to do a job together. I thought you were really boring before I got to know you better.”


“And I thought you were too stupid,” Sunggyu said, having a hard time laughing hard without starting to cough. “Still… I haven't stopped thinking about you since then.”


“I get it. I would also fall madly in love with me if I were in your shoes,” Woohyun joked, hearing him laugh again. It didn't seem like their hearts were that fragile. In each other's arms, it was as if they had gained the strength they needed.


The two married at the age of 25 and 27. Many people said they were too young and would regret it, but here they were. 60 years of marriage, where they knew what they wanted to say with just a look or shared everything, including the faint beats that seemed to decrease with each second as if they were one.


“I'm so tired…” muttered Sunggyu, panting. Woohyun lifted his head, feeling his eyes watering.


“Rest my love. You've tried too hard already” Woohyun asked, settling on the bed so he could kiss his face. “I'll go to sleep right away.”


“Woohyunie,” Sunggyu called, opening his eyes towards Woohyun and caressing his wrinkled face. “I love you.”


“I love you so much…” Woohyun said, trying to disguise his broken voice, which made Sunggyu smile.


No matter how many years passed, Woohyun would always look like the same kind-hearted boy to Sunggyu. And that was one of the reasons he loved him more than anything.


“If we are reincarnated one day,” Sunggyu continued, caressing Woohyun's face and smiling despite all the pain in his body, “I hope to meet you and spend a lifetime by your side once again.”


Woohyun held Sunggyu's hand, kissing it with devotion. He leaned in again, kissing his lips softly but extremely passionately. Soon, they settled on the bed, ready to sleep a long and deep sleep.


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