25 autumns



12. Kiss on the nose




It was housecleaning day, so Sunggyu mustered all his willpower to clean the floor of the entire house. Woohyun dusted the furniture and organized some junk. As tiring as it was, at least the two of them were a good team. As Sunggyu rubbed the squeegee over the floor, the doorbell rang.


“Woohyun-ah, it must be the delivery man!” exclaimed Sunggyu, craning his neck to peer at him from the kitchen. He didn't understand why, but Woohyun ran towards the door, which made Sunggyu's eyes widen. “Hey, watch out!”


His warning had been too late. Woohyun not only slipped on the damp floor, but also hit his face on the floor. He made a loud noise as he fell and groaned in pain, covering his bruised nose.


It took long seconds for Sunggyu to help him up, get him ice to put in his nose and open the door, too hasty to get his food and dismiss the motoboy. He even overpaid because he didn't want to wait for change.


Upon returning to the kitchen, he found Woohyun lying on the couch, with the ice pack over his nose, complaining in pain as if his nose had been ripped off.


“Does it hurt that much?” asked Sunggyu, sitting on the edge of the couch, worried. “Do you think it broke?”


“Yea. No,” Woohyun muttered, stunned and causing Sunggyu to be confused. He leaned over his husband, trying to get the compress out of his hands.


“Let me see,” he asked, noticing Woohyun grip the compress tighter.


When his husband allowed him to see his nose, Sunggyu sighed as he noticed a reddening at the tip as he removed the compress. He touched it carefully, being relieved to see that it wasn't broken, but would still need to be careful not to swell.


He leaned in slowly, making Woohyun frown. Soon he felt a soft kiss on the tip of his nose and his heart sped up at the gesture, even more so when he saw Sunggyu straighten up on the couch with an embarrassed face.


“I'll… bring you medicine for the swelling. Then we can have lunch,” Sunggyu muttered, before trying to get up. Woohyun grabbed Sunggyu by the wrist, making his husband turn towards him with concern. “What? Are you in a lot of pain?”


“Yes,” Woohyun said, pointing to his lips. “I hit my mouth in the fall. Can you kiss here too?”


The two laughed a lot before Woohyun got pinched on the arm.



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