A new life

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13. Kiss on the ear



A new life


Even though that look looked cold, Woohyun noticed that his hands were shaking.


Maybe that was the price of being the son of one of the biggest Korean mafia bosses: having to see people he cared about constantly betraying him. But no betrayal hit him harder than that.


“Are you from another family?” Woohyun asked with a curious smile, as if his boyfriend didn't have a gun pointed at his head.


Sunggyu didn't answer, still staring at him.


“Revenge?” Woohyun insisted, giving a sarcastic smile. “Do you really think my father cares about me that much?”


“He doesn't need to care,” Sunggyu said, pressing the gun to his forehead, to the point where Woohyun felt the cold barrel on his skin. “He just needs to know exactly what I went through.”


“And what part do I play in your suffering?” Woohyun asked, feeling his body warm with every second. It was difficult to remain indifferent to it all.


The memories of the months they spent together were still vivid. The smiles he gave when he saw Woohyun, the way they constantly protected each other or the soft kisses they exchanged after they made love. It had all been a lie.


“My family was also innocent,” Sunggyu explained, his eyes reddening, trying to keep his gun raised. “I didn't mean to make you suffer, but that's the only way to reach him.”


Woohyun didn't respond right away, letting out a long sigh.


“Just tell me one thing,” Woohyun asked, staring at him more intensely. “Was everything we had a lie?”


The silence that followed that question was the longest in Woohyun's entire life. It was impossible not to notice the hesitant look, the trembling lips, the tears that refuse to fall. Maybe Sunggyu was an excellent actor, or Woohyun was a complete idiot.


Anyway, he sighed before answering.


“It was.”


Woohyun laughed, lowering his head and feeling like the stupidest person in the world, for having fallen in love with Sunggyu so easily and not being able to hate him even at that moment.


“Do it as soon as possible.”


Sunggyu held his breath as he realized how resigned Woohyun was. Watching him longer hurt him even more. It was a pain that couldn't be cured even with the possibility of carrying out the revenge he'd planned for so many years. It seemed like a simple plan: get close to the son of the man who destroyed his entire family just for one debt.


Sunggyu didn't expect him to be the extreme opposite of his father. Someone good who refused to get involved with the mafia and who treated Sunggyu as if he was the most valuable person in the world. And Sunggyu never imagined that he would love him even more than he wanted revenge.


Woohyun looked up at the delay, noticing that Sunggyu was staring at him with tears in his eyes. His heart clenched at the sight. I knew it.


“Forget about me,” Sunggyu asked in a low voice, bringing the barrel of the gun against his chin, but before he pulled the trigger, Woohyun moved at an absurd speed.


His heart was racing and he didn't know how he managed to snatch the weapon from Sunggyu's hands so quickly. He was so nervous that he discharged all the bullets and threw the gun as far as possible. Sunggyu watched him petrified, so shaken that his body couldn't resist when Woohyun pulled him tight, hugging his trembling body.


“Don't ever do that again,” Woohyun said, squeezing him in his arms and filling one side of his face with kisses. Sunggyu shivered as he kissed his ear tenderly, begging low in his ear. “Let's go to a place far away, where no one can find us.”


“Leave me here,” muttered Sunggyu, leaning his forehead against Woohyun's shoulder. “I can't risk your life anymore.”


“I'm not going anywhere without you,” Woohyun said, pulling away to look into his face, wiping the tears from Sunggyu's eyes. “I won't let anyone hurt you.”


"I don't deserve you…" Sunggyu's voice was muffled as his boyfriend pressed their lips together in a long kiss.


“Come with me,” Woohyun asked, giving him a light smile, squeezing him in his arms. “We can start a new life in a place where no one will find us. I promise I won't let anyone else make you suffer.”


Sunggyu gasped, realizing that from the start, his plan was doomed to fail. For the first time in his life, he couldn't imagine suffering over it. It was the release he'd always wanted.


Without saying anything, Sunggyu nodded in agreement.


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