Warm me up

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6. "I'm sorry" kiss


Warm me up


It had been 2 hours since their heated argument. Woohyun felt hurt that Sunggyu couldn't stop making excuses for not introducing him to his family, even after 5 years of dating. When he confessed that he was under the impression that Sunggyu was ashamed of him, his boyfriend was extremely offended.


Even though he felt guilty about being alone in that double bed when Woohyun was in the cold of the room, Sunggyu hesitated for long minutes. Deep down, he knew that he should be honest with Woohyun, so he wouldn't make him insecure for nothing.


Sighing, he slowly got up and shuffled into the living room. He found Woohyun lying on the couch, covered only with a thin sheet, shivering slightly from the cold.


Sunggyu lay down slowly on the edge of the couch, holding on to the back so he wouldn't fall over. Snuggling into the small space, he felt Woohyun's light breath against his face. He tried, but he couldn't stop admiring him for a moment.


“Sorry,” muttered Sunggyu, putting his fingers against Woohyun's cheek. “I'm not ashamed of you, I'm ashamed of my parents. I really don't want them to treat you badly.”


He was silent for a few seconds, caressing his face lightly, before curling up there, closing his eyes as he hid his face in the crook of Woohyun's neck.


“My parents were always very prejudiced and never took me well,” Sunggyu commented in a low voice. “For a while, I stopped caring until I met you. Your family was so welcoming to me that I ended up feeling more frustrated by the parents I have. I don't want them to reject the person who makes me the most happy. I should have been sincere from the start, but I couldn't.”


The cold still bothered him, but Sunggyu tried to ignore it. It didn't take long for his body to be enveloped in a warm embrace. He slowly raised his head, noticing Woohyun watching him. He Sunggyu's hair without saying anything, just making Sunggyu's heart lighter.


Sunggyu joined his lips to Woohyun's in a long and sweet kiss, trying to show all his love and regret in that gesture. Woohyun hugged him more firmly, deepening the kiss with the same intensity.


When the two pulled away, Woohyun went back to his hair. The smile he gave made Sunggyu's heart warm.


“It's okay, hyung,” Woohyun muttered, letting out a brief yawn. “If they don't accept you, I'm the one who won't want to see them.”


“Okay, now let's go to the bedroom, otherwise you'll freeze,” Sunggyu joked, sounding totally noncommittal. Woohyun agreed.


“I was going to the room anyway because I forgot there was no heater here,” Woohyun commented, laughing. “I'm glad I didn't go earlier and you came to rescue me.”


Sunggyu smiled, shaking his head.


“I should have let you sleep in the cold.”


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