25 autumns




2. Kiss on the forehead




The first thing Woohyun did when he got home, crawling like a zombie, was give Sunggyu a long hug. He looked exhausted, so Sunggyu didn't know what to say for a while, his back in confusion.


“Was the work tiring?”Sunggyu said, feeling like a genius for the obvious question.


“I don't want to talk about it,” Woohyun muttered, sighing. “Just let me stay like this for a few seconds.”


Sunggyu frowned, though he remained there, resting his chin on his shoulder gently. Woohyun looked tense, so he thought about suggesting a nice bath, maybe offering a massage afterwards, even though Sunggyu wasn't very careful about it. At least his clingy fiancé would like it just for the try.


“I think I feel better already,” Woohyun commented, pulling away and giving Sunggyu a weak smile. That made him even more worried.


He held Woohyun by the face, lowering his head a little, leaving him slightly lost. Sunggyu brought his lips to Woohyun's forehead, placing a soft kiss there.


“What are you doing?” Woohyun asked laughing, looking genuinely happy.


“Trying to comfort you,” Sunggyu explained in confusion. “I thought you'd like it.”


“Woohyun-ah, it's going to be okay,” Woohyun said, as if teaching Sunggyu what he needed to say, laughing at the way Sunggyu looked annoyed.


“If you don't like it, whatever,” Sunggyu grumbled, releasing his fiancé and being hugged by him again.


“I loved it!” Woohyun said immediately. “I'm just suggesting other ways to make me more happy. We can have a romantic dinner. Then we kissed in other places before heading to the bedroom…”


Sunggyu gave a low snort of disdain.


“You look a lot better,” Sunggyu teased, trying to distance himself, although Woohyun hugged him tighter.


“I'm so tired, really,” Woohyun said, faking a sad expression that made Sunggyu laugh. “I need you so much to get better.”


They spent long seconds counter-arguing, until Sunggyu gave up and said that the one who would make dinner would be Woohyun. His fiancé's victorious smile, irritating as it was, was still better than that tired expression. Sunggyu also felt better by cuddling him a little.



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