25 autumns


8. Seductive kiss




“Is that your boyfriend?” Sunggyu asked, looking towards the man who didn't stop staring at them even if he was accompanied. Woohyun let out a long breath.


“We broke up, hyung,” he commented, picking up the bottle of soju and taking a long drink to calm his anger. “He just won't stop chasing me.”


“Really? Do you want me to punch him?” Sunggyu asked, looking around and almost getting up from his chair before Woohyun grabbed him by the hands.


“No! Don't get involved with it, I'm fine.”


“You don't look fine” Sunggyu shook his head, frowning. “You even begged me to drink with you. You know you don't have to hide anything from me.”


Woohyun finished his bottle just so he didn't have to answer. The truth was that in addition to being fed up with his ex, he also missed Sunggyu's presence.


He was a very helpful and loyal friend who always made him very comfortable. Woohyun felt at peace with him, much more than he could describe.


“We broke up a few weeks ago and he still hasn't taken it very well,” Woohyun explained, putting the bottle down on the table and watching Sunggyu. “I broke up after I found out he was cheating on me.”


Sunggyu didn't respond, looking frustrated at the reason for the breakup. Slowly, Woohyun continued his explanation.


“Sometimes he calls me pretending we're still okay or acts like he knows where I'm going. I've complained several times, but he insists on saying that he knows I love him.” Woohyun laughed as he repeated that, finding it ridiculous whenever he remembered. “He also says I'll never meet anyone like him, and I thank God for that.”


“Why don't you do that?” Sunggyu asked, leaning across the table. He wasn't drunk, but Woohyun noticed that he already looked a little flushed and puffy-eyed.


“That what?”


Sunggyu was silent, holding Woohyun's face and approaching slowly, kissing his friend's cheek softly. The gesture made Woohyun's body warm and he stared at his friend in surprise.


“So you think he's realized you have someone better now?” asked Sunggyu, slightly proud. Woohyun smiled, a little nervous.


“I'm sure he needs something more convincing,” Woohyun commented, seeing Sunggyu sigh.


“Okay,” he shrugged, “but you owe me a favor.”


“No problems.”


Sunggyu hesitated for a few seconds, returning to hold Woohyun's face affectionately, approaching slowly. Woohyun didn't expect his heart to speed up from the simple touch of Sunggyu's lips with his, but that was just the beginning.


The kiss that started out soft was intensifying in a totally unexpected way. Sunggyu's lips were soft and warm, making Woohyun enjoy kissing him with all the desire he felt. He held the back of his neck, preventing him from pulling away and making the most of the contact with that mouth.


When they separated, completely out of breath, they stared at each other lost, as if they didn't understand why they had never tried this before. Woohyun wanted to kiss him again because his lips were delicious. And from the way Sunggyu was staring at him stunned, he might not be the only one who wanted that.


“So…” Sunggyu began, shaking his head discreetly, as if trying to come to his senses. “Is he still watching us?”


“No,” Woohyun said, realizing that his ex and his companion were no longer at the table in front of him. Woohyun turned to Sunggyu, admiring him and forgetting again about his ex's existence. “What do you want to do?”


Sunggyu approached again, pressing his lips together as if he couldn't wait to do it again. Woohyun took the opportunity to caress the back of his neck, while feeling his own body warm up. He knew that Sunggyu intended to kiss him, but he didn't expect that this fiery kiss could be even better than the first.


“I want to go to your house,” Sunggyu asked in a low tone, against his lips.


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