The little vampire


I wanted a vamp au so I made one. 


Shuhua watched from down the street she could smell the woman even in a crowd. "What is wrong with me? Is she some sort of witch?" She ran home immediately and straight to Minnie's office. "What is happening to me? I can smell her from so far away and even surrounded by other people disgusting sweaty people. She smells so good! And I tried to bite her I wanted to so bad!" Shuhua was panicking. Minnie sighed and gently brought the younger vampire to sit down. "Mom I'm scared..." Minnie leaned against her desk. "Let me call in Miyeon and Yuqi it's time for the talk." 

I'm in the middle of writing this next chapter and it's gonna be an emotional one so heads up. It's gonna go a little more into Yuqi's past
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