The little vampire

Soojin and Soyeon took the opportunity of the two girls sleeping to explore the house. It was huge and old and they had only seen a little bit of it. "So did you explain to Eunbi why you have to quit the dance troop?" Soojin shook her head with a sigh. "She's called me three times I don't know what to say. 'Sorry I can't come I was kidnapped by a cute girl with a neck ?' It's not very convincing." Her phone lit up suddenly. "Speaking of..." She looked at the screen to see she had a call coming in. She held it up swiping to answer. She put it on speaker hoping for help from Soyeon. "Yah! Seo Soojin! Where have you been?! I've called you so many times! You didn't show up for practice! What's happened to you?!" Soojin rubbed her temple. "I uh..." Soyeon interjected. "She's getting laid SinB!" Soojin smacked her. "I didn't know you two were dating. How long?" Soojin made a face. "We tried many many years ago. Actually it's not her but I am dating someone." She felt bad for lieing but she had to. "Her name is Shuhua we met about a month ago." Sinb sighed softly. "Way to be a U-Haul. What about you Soyeon why are you there?" Soyeon smiled cheekily. "Oh I'm dating Soojins girlfriends sister. We met two days ago." SinB was silent for a moment. "I take it back Soojin. Soyeon is the real U-Haul. What's with you two aren't you normally very careful? Do you know these girls enough to move in with them? They could be mass murderers who like drink their victims blood cause they think they're vampires or something crazy like that." The two women shared a knowing look. "As far as I know she hasn't murdered anyone in at least a week." Soojin joked. "Thats it I want to meet these girls!" Soojin widened her eyes. "Oh it's not really a good time we-" She was cut off. "Seo Soojin I won't take no for an answer. Next week Friday night let's have dinner I'll bring Eunha. Just text me your address I'll bring a present. Oh I gotta go love you bye." Soojin sighed looking at the phone "What are we gonna do?" Soojin looked to Soyeon for suggestions. "We ask Minnie and Miyeon for help..." 


Hours later:

"So your friend is coming here on Friday? For dinner?" Miyeon sat in Minnie's desk chair with the taller woman standing behind her. Soojin nodded looking down. "I tried to tell her no but... If she doesn't see we're fine she'll go crazy worrying..." Minnie nodded. "Okay well then... Miyeon and I will have to come up with an excuse to not eat. Shuhua and Yuqi should be fine. We will make it work. Shuhua Yuqi... you will introduce me as your cousin got it?" Shuhua nodded a small pout on her face. "We will play the part till your Friends see you're safe and leave." Everyone agreed before going there separate ways. 


Once everyone left the room Miyeon looked up at Minnie taking her hand. "Stop thinking so loudly." She kissed the palm of the taller woman's hand. Minnie looked back at her offering a soft smile. "You know me so well my darling." She turned the chair to face her kneeling a bit to pick Miyeon up from the chair. The Korean woman held onto her comfortably placing a hand on her nape giving herself stability. Minnie turned and took her seat with Miyeon in her lap. "It's just been so long since we've had a human visitor. I mean we have Soojin and Soyeon around but..." Miyeon knowing what she meant stared at her lovingly bringing her hand up to her cheek gently caressing it. "They know who we are and they trust us at least for the most part." Miyeon completed her thought. Minnie sighed softly closing her eyes as she leaned into Miyeon's hand. "I want things to go well. If Soojin hates us then..." Miyeon stopped her running her thumb along her bottom lip. "Soojin won't hate us my love. We're not going to hurt the humans. Worst case scenario we call your moms and have them help with a mind wipe charm." Minnie nodded with a small smile. "I'm so in love with you." Miyeon leaned in giving her a soft kiss running her hand from her nape up into her hair to keep her close. After a moment she broke the kiss as Minnie wanted to look at her. "Even after all these years? You still love me just as much?" Miyeon kissed her nose before speaking. "I love you even more each day. From the day you made me yours til we got our girls and you became the best mother even til now. You are my other half." Minnie bit her lip softly before leaning in for a passionate kiss that would soon turn into something more. 


Soyeon smirked as she looked up at the Chinese woman. "Why should I help you?" She knew she would inevitably end up helping Yuqi as she was hard to say no to. "Soyeonnie..." Yuqi whined at her. "Fine fine. I'll help you impress our friends. I don't know why you need to though you've already got someone." She had a slight jealous tinge to her voice. "Exactly why I want to impress them. If they're your friends then I should get in their good side." Yuqi took Soyeon's hand playing with her fingers with a small pout. Soyeon couldn't help the small grin that made it's way to her face. "You know it's not fair. You'll win any argument just because you're the cutest." Yuqi blushed and looked at Soyeon. "I don't mean to act like that it's just how I am I'll tone it down if it'll be better..." Soyeon rolled her eyes playfully. "I didn't mean it like that. I don't want you to tone it down. I like how cute you are. It's just not easy to resist you." Yuqi smiled at her with a bit of hope. "Promise?" Soyeon laid back onto the bed and held her arms open. Yuqi immediately climbed in with her snuggling into her side. "Thank you." Soyeon chuckled softly. "My friends will love you as long as you are yourself. Just tone down the vampire stuff yeah?" Yuqi nodded as she nuzzled into Soyeon's neck. "Speaking of vampire stuff..."


Soojin laid on the bed with a book in her hands attempting to read while Shuhua paced around the room. "If you don't stop that you're gonna have to go to your own room." Shuhua sighed. "I'm sorry I just... There's so many things that could go wrong. We won't be able to drink blood the whole time they're here. What if they accidentally see the blood fridge? And our fangs aren't easy to hide. Not to mention your neck were gonna have to cover that up." Soojin stood and placed her hands on Shuhua's shoulders letting her thumbs run over then gently. "Hey calm down. Everything will be okay. We'll cover the marks I'll wear a sweater and so will Soyeon. And Sinb won't see your fangs." She brought her hand up to the vampires cheek. "If she were to find out I would still choose to stay here with you. We'd just have to wipe her memory somehow. Or something like that I don't know. But we'll figure it out I promise." Shuhua looked at her with tears in her eyes. "Y-You'd stay here with me willingly?" Soojin chuckled. "Yes silly I am now aren't I? Technically I'm marked it's safe for me to go out. But I gotta be here to make sure my vampire is well fed." She cooed at her squeezing her cheek lightly. "Seo Soojin I love you!" Soojin just smiled and tilted her head. "Speaking of well fed you haven't drank in a while come on." Shuhua leaned in carefully her neck before biting into the usual spot. It stung just a bit as usual but soon turned pleasurable. Soojin's eyes fluttered closed and she held onto Shuhua's hips. The vampire girl lifted Soojin up wrapping her legs around her own waist as she moved to sit down. She finished drinking soon and the wound closed. "You're so beautiful like this. You're always beautiful but this... Just after feeding me you have this certain... Look about you." Soojin blushed looking up at her. "It's because it feels good..." She was a bit embarrassed as she watched Shuhua's eyes shift. "Oh... So it turns you on when I feed from you? I'll be sure to do more next time. We'll make it romantic." Soojin lightly shoved her a bright blush had found it's way to her face. "Behave naughty vampire." Shuhua pouted. "You forgot to say your naughty vampire I like it when you call me yours." Soojin kissed her cheek and hummed. "My naughty vampire. Now my naughty vampire I'm getting a little tired." She pushed her back down onto the bed and laid on top of her laying her head on her chest. "You better not move til I'm done with my nap." Shuhua smiled proudly. "I wouldn't dream of it I'll be the best pillow around."

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