The Fae

The little vampire

"Sana." Minnie nodded at said woman as a greeting her eyes narrowed as she looked at her. Behind her peeking just over her shoulder was Miyeon who Minnie had insisted on holding close to herself. "Minnieeee!" The Japanese woman smiled and hugged the taller Thai in her own type of greeting. "And Miyeon!" Miyeon smiled and joined in hugging Minnie and Sana. "It's good to see you again. It's been like fifteen years?" Sana pulled away and nodded with a pout on her lips. "Minnie. Minmin. Honey. Are you still mad at me?" Minnie looked away nodding. "I said I was sorry. Please forgive me." 


Soojin watched for a moment witnessing the strange tension between the two. "What happened with them." A tall woman appeared behind her with big round eyes. "Sana is a major flirt and her favorite target has historically been Miyeon unnie." Soojin jumped clinging to Shuhua side her heart beating out of control. "So this is the new soulmate I've heard about?" The girl smiled looking at Shuhua. Said woman nodded a huge grin present on her face. "This is my Soojin-ah and Soojin this is my cousin Tzuyu. Real cousin kinda. Shes actually a third cousin?" Tzuyu waved her hand dismissively. "Cousin is fine we don't need to get into details. Anywho it's nice to meet you Soojin sorry for the scare." She smiled at the human. "Tzuyu you better go get Sana before mama kills her." Tzuyu shook her head looking at her wife across the room. "I swear she can't stop flirting for even five seconds. She's lucky I love her. Yah Minatazaki Sana!" Said woman turned eyes wide. "Yes my love?" She asked as if she wasn't in trouble.


After a bit of visiting Minnie and Miyeon pulled Sana and Jihyo to the office. "So what's wrong with them?" Sana's seemingly perpetual smile fell and she looked away nervously. Jihyo spoke up. "Eunha has brain cancer." Miyeon widened her eyes. "Oh the poor dear she seems so sweet." Minnie agreed. "Does she know?" Sana shook her head looking down. "I didn't want to dampen her spirit. She's so precious. Sinb knows there's something but she doesn't know what is wrong." Minnie ran her fingers through her hair. "When will you turn them then?" Sana crossed her arms shrugging as Jihyo gently patted her back in an attempt to comfort her. "We will change her before it progresses for now she's been taking medicine that jeongyeon has been making for her. It's slowing it down significantly." The couple behind the desk nodded solemnly. "Sana..." Minnie spoke getting the Japanese woman's attention. "I'm sorry for being hard on you. I know it's difficult at times being different." Sana's bottom lip quivered. 


In the world of supernatural beings there were many different kinds. And sometimes the different species would intermingle causing half breeds. Humans and Fae. Demons and Warlocks. Pretty much any combination of species could be found. The children often times though in not all cases would display the characteristics of one of the two species. That way a fae could have a perfectly normal human child. And that is how Sana had come to exist. A changeling mother. And a human father. Sana grew up knowing nothing about her mother and she never showed signs of being special that is until she ran into Jihyo. 




Sana knelt on the ground. Her beautiful pink gown was getting filthy. But what choice did she have. Her best friend in the whole wide world was given the chance to be with her soulmate but she refused as she didn't want to leave Sana behind. "Sana you don't have to do this." Sana was a little scared but looked up at Momo. "I've lived a good life. Everything I've ever wanted has been mine and it's you who's done that for me. It's my turn to pay you back. If you won't turn because you don't want to leave me then I'll turn with you. It's what friends are for." Sana looked up at the woman standing above her. "I'm ready." She leaned her head back opening as the woman bit her own wrist letting the blood flow down into Sana's waiting mouth. Momo watched clenching her fists. Being the guard appointed to Sana from a young age Momo knew everything there was to know about the girl. Or almost everything. 


As a few hours passed Momo stayed beside the other girl. She refused to take her eyes off of her. A thin woman with a warm smile and an adorable set of bunny teeth entered the room. "She should be waking up any time now. I've come to offer blood. " As if qued Sana opened her eyes. "Thirsty..." Sana's eyes showed a light lavender color as she looked at the unknown woman. She quickly pulled the woman into her arms biting into her drinking deeply. The woman's eyes closed as she pushed Sana snapping her out of it. Sana looked at the woman in horror. "I'm so sorry I.... Are you sick?" Nayeons eyes widened as she looked at her. "You could taste it? That is a rare talent... We should tell Jihyo." 


Soon said woman had been brought to the bedroom. "You could taste her sickness?" Sana nodded. "I think? W-when I drank from her it... I could feel that something was off." Jihyo nodded. "Nayeon dear would you get jeongyeon?" Nayeon nodded with a smile and left the room to fetch the other human woman. After a few moments they returned. "Jeongyeon dear I'm sorry to ask but we'll need a bit more of your blood today if you could." Jeongyeon nodded and rolled up her sleeve. It was easy to see where she'd already been bitten today a bit farther up her arm. "Sana I want you to taste Jeongyeon but not too much. Keep in mind humans also need their blood." Nayeon stood behind Jeongyeon leaning into her shoulder as she hugged her waist. Sana looked into Jeongyeon's eyes a bit worried. "I'm fine. Just a bit more blood won't hurt me. Nayeon here wouldn't let me even offer if that was the case." She gently rubbed her arm that was around her waist still. Sana took the woman's wrist biting gently into the skin drinking just a bit before pulling back. "How does it taste dear?" Sana nodded wiping . "I-I don't think there's anything wrong with her." Jihyo nodded with a smile. "It seems we have a fae in the family now. Welcome." 

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