Finding Love

The little vampire


She looked over her shoulder seeing the same woman again. "Why are you following me!?" She asked. The woman suddenly ran at her pinning her to the wall of the alley. She leaned into her neck. She could feel the very tips of the woman's fangs ready to push into her. Her eyes closed tight as she knew exactly what was going to happen to her she had heard enough stories about vampires. She waited but nothing happened. "W-what are you waiting for?" The woman looked at her hunger clear in her eyes. "I can't do it! What are you some sort of witch?! Do you have a protective charm?" The woman spoke in broken Korean. Miyeon held her neck. "I-i'm no witch!" 


Minnie picked her up by her shirt she wanted to throw her against the wall but her muscles wouldn't move to do it. "Let me go!" Miyeon kicked at Minnie who released her. Minnie looked defeated. "Go home human it's not safe out here for you at night." Miyeon fixed her shirt. "You don't say!" She stomped. "Wait til my father hears about this he'll have you hunted down!" Miyeon hurried home without knowing that Minnie had followed her. She watched from the shadows to make sure the woman got home safely. 


Minnie made her way into the house. "Mom? Aunties? I need help!" Jiu appeared "Yes my darling? What's the matter?" Minnie sighed. "There's this human girl... I saw her about a week ago and I can't get her out of my mind her smell is so...Intoxicating. She says she's not a witch but she has to be? I couldn't bite her." Jiu smiled. "You know your mother was a human once. I went through something similar. Luckily I was prepared for it. I have failed to prepare you my dear. I am sorry." She sat on the couch and called for her to join her. "There comes a time in every young vampires life where they meet someone who will smell devine to them. You want to drink from them but you cannot without permission. The person is destined to be your beloved. Your soulmate if you would. This girl... She will be special to you. So you'd better get to work winning her trust. Because you won't be able to feed until she allows you."


Days later Minnie had climbed the side of the house Minnie knew to be Miyeons and was lightly knocking on the window she knew to be hers as well. Miyeon look startled at the window and held up an iron poker from the fire place. She opened the window slowly and stared at Minnie. "What do you want vampire? Came to finish the job?" Minnie shook her head. "I am sorry it seems we got off on the wrong foot. My name is Nicha Yontararak. I am an eighty six year old vampire from Thailand. I am here to court you." She held out a bouquet of roses to Miyeon. The girl rolled her eyes and closed the window on Minnie. 


Weeks passed and every night the same routine. Carnations slam. Gardenias slam. Marigolds slam. Minnie was counting the days she was without blood. Thirty eight. She was starting to feel the effects. She tapped on the window Miyeon already stood there ready to open it just to slam it shut again. She opened the window and sighed. "What did you bring this time? You should know how this will end for you by now. "I-I brought bleeding hearts. I had to go far to find them. But I got them... For you." Minnie was extra pale her eyes sunk in a little more than normal. "I didn't know vampires could get sick." Miyeon commented. "We can't. We just get thirsty... I'll be fine I just need blood..." Miyeon crossed her arms ready to slam the window again. "So you're going to kill some poor innocent girl?" Minnie shook her head. "I couldn't if I tried. I am unable to drink currently." Miyeon had secretly grown fond of the woman and her persistence. "You know if you want to properly court me you will have to ask my father." Minnie smiled brightly. "I'll be here for dinner tomorrow night." She took Miyeon's hand and kissed it. "Til then." Miyeon watched her leave and smiled playing with the flowers in her hand. "Maybe I could learn to love her after all..."


Minnie knocked on the door carrying a box with a freshly baked cake inside. A small woman appeared at the door eyeing her up. "The Cho's have just begun their supper they are not to be disturbed." She tried to close the door but Minnie held it carefully. "I was invited. By the young Miss Cho Miyeon." The woman hummed and slept her in. "Stay here while I speak with Master Cho." Minnie bowed and waited patiently. She had applied makeup to make herself look less sickly and was now looking to make sure it was still fine. "Nicha you made it?" Miyeon stood at the door with her father behind her. He cleared his throat. Minnie bowed deeply to him. "I am Nicha Yontararak. A respected daughter of the Yontararak clan back in my home of Thailand. I brought a gift." She held the cake out to the man. He looked at it suspiciously. "What are you doing here unannounced at this time of night?" Minnie's eyes flashed to Miyeon for help. "Appa I forgot to tell you. She is a friend met last week. I invited her to come. I'm very sorry." He nodded looking at Minnie. "Very well she may join us but you will be the one to tell Mrs. Lee that we need another serving understood?" Miyeon smiled and kissed her father's cheek. "Thank you Appa!"


Minnie was sat next to Miyeon as her mother asked many questions. "So you're from Thailand you said? What an intriguing place. When was the last time we were there? I believe just after Miyeon was born?" She looked to her husband who nodded. Minnie's eyes lit up. "Ah so she's been?" Mrs.Cho shook her head. "Oh heavens no a baby on a boat? That sounds like a silly idea. We left her here with a nurse maid. We were only gone for what seven months?" Minnie was shocked but tried not to show it. "Interesting. Well what did you think of my homeland. It's beautiful correct?" Mr.Cho nodded agreeing. "It was a very beautiful place but also very hot." Minnie nodded agreeing. "Yes I do miss it but certainly not the heat."


After they finished Minnie asked to speak with Mr.Cho alone. They were sat in his office on either side of his desk. The man looked at Minnie expectantly. She cleared . "Mr.Cho first I would like to say thank you for the meal it was delicious." She straightened her back trying to look confident. "The real reason I'm here is to ask for permission to court your daughter sir. I know it is an unusual request. Given my gender and status as a foreigner but I assure you I would take good care of her. She will not miss a single thing she needs." Mr.Cho just stared at her for a moment. "No. My daughter is already engaged. She doesn't know it yet but she will be marrying a business partner of mine." He stood up and straightened his button down shirt. "Now if that is all it is time a young lady such as yourself got home." He led her out. 


Minnie pretended to leave but once again scaled the wall to Miyeon's room. She knocked lightly. The window opened and Minnie immediately went inside. "He rejected my proposal he's going to marry you off to an old man." Miyeon looked shocked. "A-an old man..." Minnie nodded and took her hand. "Come with me I will make sure he won't be able to." Miyeon let her go. "They will just look for me I don't have much of a choice." Minnie looked her in the eye. "I know it's scary but if I can find a way..." Miyeon suddenly kissed Minnie. Minnie's eyes widened with surprise before fluttering shut as she reciprocated. Her hand found it's way to the woman's waist holding her close. 


Minutes ticked by Minnie allowed Miyeon to set the pace as she was the one who needed to breathe. "Nicha...I should have said something sooner... I feel the pull too..." Minnie smiled at her. "It's okay my love we will have all the time in the world." Miyeon pulled her to the bed pushing the jacket from Minnie's shoulders. "Turn me please. I don't want to marry some old man I don't know." Minnie looked into her eyes. "Are you sure?" Miyeon nodded fervently. 


Minnie began to kiss along Miyeon's neck. She let her teeth graze the woman's soft skin. "Cho Miyeon. Before we do this...I want to make you mine." She kissed her jaw. Miyeon bit her lip closing her eyes. "Then do it. Make me yours take every part of me that you want. I will give it to you freely." Minnie was thrilled by the prospect. The next hour was spent in pure bliss. Neither woman knew how good it could feel to be with your soulmate in such a way. Miyeon was to tired to move any more and Minnie just lazily laid on top of her. Their bodies entangled by their legs. "Are you ready?" She asked as she looked at Miyeon. The woman looked almost angelic underneath her. Her perfectly shaped lips lightly bruised by the force of their kissing. The light marks that made their way across her skin. The faint glow of sweat on her skin flickering in the candlelight. She was perfect. "I'm ready." She leaned her head.bacl presenting her neck. Minnie leaned in slowly she laced her fingers with Miyeon's as she buried her fangs deep into her neck. She took some blood the taste cascading over her tongue in a heavenly way. She took a moment to enjoy it before she pulled back the wound closed. She brought her own wrist to biting into it causing her to bleed. She then directed Miyeon to drink. The taste was bitter and metallic. Miyeon thought for sure she had never tasted anything so bad. But she did as told drinking til Minnie was satisfied. "There now you will sleep when you wake up I will have taken you far away from here. Understood my love?" Miyeon nodded and closed her eyes. 


Several hours later Miyeon awoke In an unfamiliar bed. She looked down and saw she had been put in a red dressing gown. Her dark hair tied into a braid that fell over her shoulder. "Miyeon..." Minnie smiled at her from the side of the bed. She directed a cup of blood to the woman's lips making her drink from it. "There that should make you feel better..." She kissed across her knuckles. "How are you feeling?" Miyeon still hadn't spoken as she took in everything. "I feel...." She didn't know she could tell she was stronger. And her senses were much sharper than before. "I feel everything..." Minnie placed a kiss to her forehead. "It will take some getting used to but I will not let you do it alone." Miyeon nodded looking into her eyes. "I-I love you..." Minnie nuzzled her neck gently kissing the sealed wounds from where she had turned her. "And I love you too. Now come on my love would you like to meet your new family?"


Note:I promise I'm writing. I'm just also trying to do math to figure out their ages in the story. 

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