The little vampire



It was time to move again and this time they chose to go back to China where Yuqi was born. It had been long enough that no one would possibly recognize her. As time ticked closer to when they would move everyone could tell Yuqi was becoming more and more nervous. She was more irritable than normal nothing like her usual sunshiny self. The night before they were set to leave she had been in her room packing when she heard a light knock on her door. "Come in." She called to whoever was on the other side. The door slowly opened and there stood Miyeon. The woman she had come to call her mom who had saved her from a life and eventual death on the street. "Hey honey. Did you need help packing?" Yuqi shook her head looking down at her bags. "No. Thanks though." Miyeon sat softly on the girls bed folding her clothes for her. "Do you want to talk about it? I'm your mom you don't have to hide anything from me." Yuqi looked up at her the younger woman's eyes were watering a bit. "I'm just nervous.. What if... What if I see her and all the anger I felt back then comes back? What if I accidentally hurt her?" The last part came out as almost a whisper. Miyeon got down on the floor beside Yuqi pulling her into a hug as her tears began to fall down her cheek. She gently rubbed her back and kissed the crown of her head. "Hey stop that. Don't think those things of yourself you deserve more credit." Yuqi cried quietly as she leaned into her moms shoulder. "Look at me please?" Miyeon asked gently coaxing the chinese girl to face her. "The chances of us seeing her are low unless we seek her out. And I won't blame you if you want to. She's your mother after all." Yuqi shook her head fervently wiping her eyes. "You're my mother. And Mama too. Just you two not her. She's a hateful old lady who never loved me." Miyeon's heart broke as Yuqi's voice cracked from emotions. She pulled the smaller woman up into her lap and gently rocked her as if she were just as small as the day they met. "Hey. If she didn't love you that's her own problem. She didn't deserve to get to love you. She put her own selfish needs above yours. And as a result she didn't get to meet the real you. My strong smart beautiful girl. You and your sister have made every day of our lives so much brighter since you joined our family." Yuqi let out a quiet sob as Miyeon's words made her even more emotional. "I love you mom." Yuqi whispered quietly as if it were a secret." Miyeon smiled softly and hugged her a little tighter. "I love you too. So so much." 


The next few weeks went by fairly smoothly they had moved and managed to get settled in quickly enough. Their house here which had stood empty for many many years wasn't quite as big as the one they just left in Taiwan but it was more than enough for them. And in preparation they had paid to have it renovated to make it more modern. At first everything was great Yuqi and Shuhua decided to enroll in a nearby university and both were flourishing. One day they decided to meet for lunch by the fountain in the middle of the square where many students spent their free time. Yuqi sat waiting for the seldom punctual Shuhua. She held a book in one hand sipping from a juice box filled with blood with the other. "Excuse me?" Yuqi looked up shocked to see a girl who looked to be about nineteen or twenty. "Hello! I was hoping you could help me out? I hope this isn't weird something about you makes me think I could trust you. Anyway I was hoping you could show me how to get to the library? Yuqi nodded slowly as she took in the girls features. This girl looked very familiar yet unknown. She began to explain when Shuhua came running. "Sorry I late woogie I was- Who's this?" Shuhua knew immediately that she looked almost exactly like her very own sister. "Oh uh sorry I didn't introduce myself before did I? My name is Yiren. Wang Yiren. And you are?" Yuqi's mouth felt dry but she answered anyway. "Yuqi. Just Yuqi." Shuhua reached over taking her sister's hand into her own. "She's shy sorry. I'm Yeh Shuhua and this is my sister Yeh Yuqi. Nice to meet you." The girls eyes brightened a bit. "Yuqi? That was my older sister's name! I never got to meet her. Mama said she died before I was born." Yuqi felt a bit taken aback but tried to hide it the best she could. Her mother said she died? Maybe that's what she expected. Who could believe a six year old would have lived after being abandoned. "Oh I'm sorry to hear about your loss. I'm sure your sister would have loved you if she'd gotten to meet you." Yiren had a bit of a sad smile as she shrugged. "I would've loved to meet her. It would've made things easier I think. At least I wouldn't be alone anyway." Before Yuqi could ask Shuhua spoke up. "You're alone? What about your mother?" Yiren bit her lip looking away. "She died last year. Just before Christmas. She was in a bad wreck and didn't make it out." Yuqi pulled the girl into a hug surprising her. 


The two spoke with the girl for a bit longer with the promise of hanging out later before deciding to go home for the day. As they walked towards their car Shuhua stared at the clearly distracted Yuqi. "Are you okay?" Yuqi looked up at her with an unknown look on her face. "I think so... It's weird to think that she would become a loving mother for someone else. I don't dislike Yiren. I'm not jealous. It's just.. What about me was so hard for her to love?" Shuhua wrapped her arm around Yuqi's shoulder. "Maybe it wasn't you? Maybe she just didn't have the ability yet. You said she was young when she had you yeah?" Yuqi nodded. "She was eighteen." Shuhua nodded. "Would you have been prepared to have a kid when you were eighteen?" Yuqi shook her head. Shuhua shrugged a bit. "She wasn't ready or able. But there must've been a part of her that did love you if she told Yiren about you. Even if she lied to save face it means she still thought of you." Yuqi nodded a bit. "You know you're kinda smart sometimes." She smiled a bit as she looked at her sister. 


The two got home and Shuhua "encouraged" Yuqi to tell their mothers what happened. And by encourage Shuhua of course meant force. "Mama! Mom! Yuqi has something to tell you!" She burst into Minnie's office seeing Minnie and Miyeon snuggling in the chair as the taller woman worked. Both women sat up straight a bit confused. "You're home early what happened?" Miyeon asked worried. "Yuqi's got a little sister! Well another little sister. Yiren." Yuqi huffed a bit crossing her arms. "Thanks a lot Shuhua." Miyeon stood up a worried expression on her face. "Does that mean?..." Yuqi shook her head looking down. "She's dead. A car accident apparently." Miyeon walked over pulling the woman into a hug. "Oh honey I'm so sorry..." Yuqi gripped onto her mother's shirt relishing in the comfort she brought her. "Yerin said she talked about me..." Yuqi's voice cracked audibly. Minnie made her way over to them pulling Shuhua in as she also hugged Yuqi. Miyeon kissed the top of her head. "You don't have to talk about it yet but we'd appreciate it if you would eventually." She looked at Minnie who nodded. "I love you both so much..." 


Years passed and Yuqi healed from the pain with the help of her family. While she didn't keep in touch with the girl she did make sure she knew how Yiren was doing. She watched from afar as her sister grew up and had a family of her own. She had nieces and nephews that would likely never know of her existence and by now her sister was nearly in her sixties. She would never get to know her personally but she didn't need to. Just knowing that she could keep her safe as any big sister should was enough. 


Yuqi sat across from Soyeon on the bed as the small blonde woman looked into her eyes. This was the first time someone outside of their family had heard the story. She didn't tell anyone what she'd been through and all the emotions she'd dealt with up until this point. But with Soyeon she felt safe enough to share. The woman was after all her soulmate and would be stuck with her for a long long time. So she should know everything there is to know. Yuqi had a sad smile as she played with her own fingers. She felt a small hand gripping her own fingers wiggling into place as if it was second nature. Her eyes followed them up to their owner only to see Soyeon staring at her with a look she couldn't quite decipher. "Thank you for trusting me. It means so much to me." Yuqi smiled a little more. "What was I supposed to hide my dark broody past from the woman I'm gonna be in love with forever? No ma'am I couldn't do that." She leaned forward placing a kiss on the woman's cheek causing a light blush to spread on her face. "Yeah I guess I kinda like you too." She shrugged making a nonchalant face. Yuqi just smiled and tackled the woman hugging her tightly. 


Note: I didn't have the heart to make it to sad. Just the parts where she was questioning why her mom didn't want her. 

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