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Kim Taehyung is an . He is the king of his high school, arrogant and cocky. One day his parents decide to take in the stepson of his uncle. And his life starts to get out of control.

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Taehyung was staring at the damn pet in front of him.

He was eating ramyun like he hadn´t eaten in weeks. His face was a little blushed when he happily slurped them in. Then, Jungkook drank the whole soup. Taehyung was irritated. Did he look... cute?

Taehyung´s finger slowly wandered to the plate in the middle of the table and pushed it toward Jungkook.

Nothing happened, and no reaction at all from the pet.

Taehyung hissed in anger, grabbed the plate with the melon, and almost threw it in front of Jungkook.

Melon was disgusting, and he wanted to get rid of it. He thought the place in front of Jungkook was the only vacant spot on the table.

Jungkook´s eyes started sparkling. He munched on the melon, smiling at Hoseok, who explained some school rules. He nodded frequently.

Suddenly he saw him clenching his teeth, and his hand wandered to the bandaged neck.

„Be careful with that.“ Taehyung hissed.

„Leave me alone.“

„You´ll hurt it again.“ Taehyung mumbled.

„What do you care?“ Jungkook snapped at him.

„It´s embarrassing.“

„YOU are embarrassing.“ Jungkook stood up, and he got mad.

„Do what you want!“ Taehyung fired back.

„I will. Don´t bother me.“ Jungkook pouted.

„YOU are a bother!“ Taehyung´s chair flew backward when he kicked it.

Taehyung was tearing up in anger when he saw his four friends staring at Jungkook and him bickering in the cantina. Slots 14, 29, and 31 were giggling behind him. He grabbed his phone and deleted them immediately.

"They are so cute..." he heard Hoseok mumble, and all nodded.

Kim Taehyung



Age: 18

Loves himself

Hates melons and aegyo

  Jeon Jungkook


Age: 17

Loves Melon and ramyun

Hates apples

King of aegyo

Park jimin

Age: 17

Friendly and very funny

A little ed

  Jung Hoseok

Age: 17

Goofy and outgoing 


Min Yoongi

Age: 17

Very caring but overprotective

Loves A-Pink

  Kim Namjoon

Age: 17

Adorable but clumsy

NO Style

Kim Seokjin (Jin)

Age: 16

Loves Mirrors

Hates unstyle people


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My dear readers!

I was on Hiatus for a few years, but thanks to an acquaintance, I fell into the Taekook rabbit hole and never got out.
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