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Taehyung is living on the streets for years. Jungkook tries to convince him to live with his family because they have a connection that Taehyung does not know about. Jungkook does everything to gain his trust. Will Jungkook succeed? 
  Taehyung is living on the streets for years. Jungkook tries to convince him to live with his family because they have a connection that Taehyung does not know about. Jungkook does everything to gain his trust and make him understand that they are sincere when it is about him. Will Jungkook succeed? 
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He was standing in front of a big house with a lovely garden and a foreign car in the garage. The area was nice. It looked clean and expensive. Two women passed them and greeted him. He greeted back. He was mindblown.

„Let´s go in.“ 

Taehyung was staring at Jungkook and hesitated.

„Hyung, let´s make a deal. If you don´t like it or feel uncomfortable, you can leave again. I will not stop you or bother you again if you don´t want me to. But try it. Okay?“

Taehyung still hesitated.

Suddenly Jungkook reached his hand out. To him.

„Take it, and we go in, or turn around and leave.“ Jungkook´s eyes were piercing into his own.

Taehyung started trembling. He bit his lip.

He felt somebody push him in the back and stumbled forward, right into the open hand of Jungkook. When he tried to find the balance, he just grabbed it.

Jungkook started laughing.

Taehyung turned around. A boy was standing behind him. He looked kind of familiar.

„I have no idea, who you are, but my brother seems to like you. Just come inside, okay?“ he smiled at him. Another honest smile. A warm smile.

„Hyung, this is my younger brother. Choi Soobin.“

Taehyung wrinkled his forehead. Different surnames?

Before he could even react, Soobin grabbed his other hand, and the two brothers dragged him into the house.



Taehyung was standing in the living room and felt completely lost.

Jungkook sighed. „Sit down.“

Taehyung just stubbornly shook his head.

„You are such an idiot. You won´t dirty the couch!“

Taehyung just stared at him, shaking his head.

He got angry, but suppressed it. „Will you sit down, when I put a blanket over the couch?“

Taehyung nodded slowly.


Jungkook just giggled, when he saw Taehyung jumping at the sudden voice.

Soobin had come in, an oversized coffee mug in his hand. He passed it to him. He put cookies on the table and his feet right beside it.

„YA! Legs down, kid!“ Jungkook yelled at him.

„I am back in a second.“ he heard Jungkook saying, and the younger went upstairs.



Now he was alone.

„I figure that you are Kim Taehyung?“ he heard a voice behind him. He immediately jumped off the couch and brushed the blanket, afraid it would be dirty.

A man was standing in front of him. He was short. A little chubby. But he had the same smile as Jungkook´s younger brother.

„I am Jungkook´s uncle, Choi Jonghyun. He lives with me. Nice to meet you. You can address me with uncle too. The boys do it anyways.“ He bowed.

Taehyung almost hit his head at the couch table when he bowed even deeper. That explained the different surnames.

„What happened to your face?“ he wrinkled his forehead, and came closer.


„HE GOT INTO A FIGHT!“ he heard Jungkook yelling from upstairs. Taehyung was close to begging him to come down again.

„You did? Sit down there. Let me look at it. I am a doctor.“

When Taehyung didn´t move a muscle, he grabbed his shoulder and pushed him down, causing Taehyung to yelp in surprise.

„Let me get my glasses...I take care of you.“ The... uncle scanned the table, grabbed them, put them on, and smiled.


Kim Taehyung
JEON Jungkook
  Choi Soobin

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author's note

Thanks to an acquaintance, I was on Hiatus for a few years, but I fell into the Taekook rabbit hole and never got out.
I hope that we enjoy this fanfic together, and I appreciate any feedback and subs to experience the story of this fic together.

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I am german, and English is not my native language, so that I will make mistakes or incorrect grammar. Please be nice. And don´t be confused about my writing style. I write from different perspectives.

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