Right Feels Wrong

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     Years after ex-lovers Shin Seolhee and Byun Baekhyun last saw each other, the two grew apart, created new worlds without each other, and grew up. So when they saw each other after so much time has passed, the changes between them are hard to ignore. 


Author's note:

I'm really bad at making the story's blurb but I'll compensate on the body haha. This is a sequel to Bad Feels Good but you can also read it as a standalone.


P.S.: I'm still trying to find my own writing style so I'm accepting criticisms. I need you guys to be kind about it. You can always comment about what you feel, about what you liked about the story, and especially what you didn't like about it. I welcome all kinds of comments as long as you tell them as kind as you can!! hahaha.

waaaa congrats on 110 subscribers!! *weeps* thank you so much u guys, especially those who are always commenting. i really love hearing your thoughts, u guys don't know how much i appreciate u taking the time to share your thoughts about each chapter! love you guys a bunch!
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