Chapter 10

All These Years
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Chapter 10: Math, Biology and Chemistry



02:00 AM, 4 hours after Seungwan passed out

“Do I have to remind you that you can’t drink soju?” Sooyoung scolded Seungwan while giving her a cup of hot tea, the latter was feeling dizzy and asked for it

“Ugh, long story” Seungwan massaged her temple “How long did I pass out?

“Four hours” Sooyoung sighed ““I was freaked out when Joohyun called me and pretty much ran from my house to come here”

“It’s late, you shouldn’t have come. I’ll be fine”

“How could I not? Joohyun practically begged me to come!”

Like a bulb appeared on her head, she realized that the younger girl was nowhere to be seen “Oh where is she?”

“I told her to sleep, she looked so pale when I arrived”

“Did I do something weird to her?” Seungwan mumbled absentmindedly

Sooyoung sighed “Hope not. When I reached your flat you were already tucked on your bed but...who knew if you had molested Hyun before I came”

“I’m not like that” Seungwan said defensively “I mean I could be serenading a wall or crying over my lost socks, I did that before”

“Believe me, you also tried to kiss me and seulgi before, you’re annoying when you’re drunk!” she added with a scowl “Hyun acted all weird, something must've happened between the two of you in YOUR bedroom. Why did you bring her to your room?”

“I just wanted to show her my baby, okay? She asked me to play so I did and…”

The color in Seungwan face was drained as something flashed in her mind “Sh*t”

“Oh my God, you did something didn’t you?”

Seungwan bit her lips “I think..I kissed her”

Her friend almost had a heart attack “You k..kissed her?!”

“‘I’m not entirely sure. I remembered helping her to wipe the remaining sauce on her lips with...”

“With your lips?!”

“No damn*t...with my finger!”

Sooyoung felt a bit relieved, not that she didn’t want the two to become closer but not like this, joohyun was crushing on seungwan but did the latter feel the same?

“After that, you passed out?”

“No...I got a flash of my recurring dream”

“Recurring dream?”

“In that dream, I kissed a girl who looked like Joohyun but at the same time was different, so when I was close to her I got a flash of it. My mind was buzzing and I couldn’t remember whether I kissed Joohyun after helping her or if I passed out and then dreamed of kissing that girl again but I knew I kissed someone”

“Wait, this is a lot to process” Sooyoung held her own head “Since when did you get that dream? I mean it wouldn’t keep appearing randomly without any trigger”

Seungwan was contemplating whether she should tell her friend or not. She and Joohyun made a promise not to tell seulgi about their kiss...but what about Sooyoung? It would be weird to cut the story here...since Seungwan had told her about her dream and the possibility that she kissed joohyun.

“Promise me first that you won’t tell seulgi”

“I don’t like where this is going” the taller girl mumbled “Why can't I tell her?”

“Joohyun and I made a promise to keep something from Seulgi”

“Oh my!! You, did you and her...Seungwan she’s still a minor!”

“NO!” Seungwan was frustrated “It’s not that! Promise me first and I’ll tell you”

“I won’t tell Seulgi but I will whip your a** if you did what I think you did!”

Seungwan winced “I’m not that stupid okay? At least not when I’m sober”

“Just tell me now!”

“I keep dreaming of kissing a mysterious girl after she kissed me, weeks ago”



“She...kissed you?” Sooyoung didn’t expect the twist, her mind instantly fled to kwangya, she didn’t expect Joohyun would do that “W...why? How?”

And Seungwan told her everything


“My blood pressure...Aigoo” Sooyoung had put a wet towel on top of her forehead “Seungwan, I told you many times, think about your words and be sensitive to others!”

“Me and Seulgi knew you’re insensitive! We can tolerate it but other people may not! When will you ever learn? Especially to her, she’s still a kid Seungwan, you should’ve been more considerate!” Her friend continued to rant “Now look at the mess you’re in!”

“I know and I‘ve been trying to fix it” Seungwan frowned “I’m being careful and considerate towards her these days but then...I accidentally got drunk, well she didn’t know that I can’t drink soju so it wasn’t her fault either”

“Seulgi can’t know about these” Sooyoung said seriously “You know how she always acts first before thinking, while she won’t hurt Joohyun, she’s certainly capable of breaking your nose and other parts of your body. She’s as stupid as you, no wonder you’re friends”

“Thanks for the insult” Seungwan eyed her

Sooyoung rolled her eyes “You were a jerk to her, you insensitive human being! If it was me I would slap your mouth with chilli paste”


“What if she catches a feeling for you?” Sooyoung carefully asked, didn’t want to reveal joohyun’s feeling, it was not her place to say it

“What do you mean?”

“These, all of these messes between you two. What if she develops a feeling for you?”

Seungwan shook her head in disbelief “There’s no way she likes me after I hurt her like that. It would be more believable if she resented me after that”

“You never know, Seungwan” Sooyoung told her “People’s hearts are unpredictable so be careful”

“I’m certain that it’s not likely to happen, life is not a movie Soo, plus we started off on a bad note after all”

“But it can be a happy ending too”

“It can be, yeah. But I have no intention to pursue that. There’s a lot of things I need to worry about, for example: Did I kiss her or did I not?...I don’t want us to become awkward again, she and jennie have become part of my life. They’re not just Seulgi’s nieces now”

So Seungwan had no romantic feeling towards Joohyun...

“Just be careful, okay? I don’t want you to cause a bigger mess than this”

Seungwan nodded

“You should talk to her and find out whether you did kiss her or not”

“I will” Seungwan sighed “I would feel so guilty if I did kiss her. Because I’m sure if I was sober, I wouldn’t do that, especially after everything that happened before, between her and that boy. I don’t want to repeat what he did, I don’t want to be a kiss thief”

“It’s not stealing if the other person is very willing” Sooyoung mumbled softly to herself, Seungwan didn’t hear her as she walked to put the cup in the washing basin

Oh dear...Joohyun really had to fight hard for her crush..


Seulgi got back in the early morning, she didn’t come home last night. She slept in her soon to be studio. Yes, she got accepted as the night DJ and was too excited to even go home.

So she was surprised to find Sooyoung sleeping soundly on the couch


“Did you guys have a sleepover?” she asked both sooyoung and seungwan

“Uh yes, we were having a movie marathon” Sooyoung yawned a little “How was it? Did you get the job?” the taller girl quickly changed their conversation

Seulgi smiled widely “I got it!...Let me take you guys to my favourite ramen shop tonight after I pick up Nini”

“Congratulations!” Sooyoung hugged her “I knew you would do well despite your occasional brain freeze”

“Hmph, okay” Seulgi rolled her eyes at both the compliment and insult then she turned to Seungwan who was spacing out “Wan?”

“Oh uh yes...congratulations bestie!”



All day, before dinner

Joohyun kept stealing glance at seungwan, she wanted to say something but was unsure about it

Meanwhile Seungwan too wanted to talk to her but Seulgi was there so there’s no way they can talk at home without her getting suspicious.

She should think of a way of getting Joohyun and her alone after dinner


After dinner

At the intersection not so far from the ramen shop, Sooyoung and Seulgi bid their goodbye first, since Seulgi had to meet her DJ partner tonight and Sooyoung got a call from her sister to pick her up.

Leaving joohyun, jennie and seungwan walking together to her flat

“Wow, I can’t believe you passed out unnie” jennie exclaimed “You’re not as cool as I thought”

Seungwan chuckled “Yeap, sorry to disappoint you”

“I saw on TV that drunk people tend to act strangely, so did you?” there you go, jennie with her heart dropping questions

Joohyun tensed while seungwan took her time to think, she wasn’t sure of what she did herself

“I don't know, probably shouting my undying love for olaf?” she tried to laugh it off for jennie

“So you don’t remember?” joohyun suddenly asked, she was awfully quiet before

The older girl was caught off guard “W..what?”

Joohyun wanted to tell her but...Jennie was there, so she just pouted and walked ahead of them

“What’s up with unnie? She’s been acting strange all day”

Seungwan shrugged but she was trembling inside, it just confirmed that something indeed happened between them!

“Oh! I have this super cool theory, Wannie. Want to hear?”

Suddenly?? “Theory? What theory”

Jennie motioned Seungwan to crouch down

Once the older girl matched her height, she put her hand between her lips and Seungwan’s ear “I think unnie is in love with you”

Seungwan looked at the younger Bae in shock “What?!”

Jennie grinned “My sister is always stealing glances at you, don’t you notice it?”

Seungwan did notice it, a few times

But she stifled a laugh instead “Doesn’t mean that she is in love with me”

“ drama, it's always like that when someone is in love” Jennie said rather seriously

Seungwan ruffled the younger girl's hair “You know what? You can’t watch drama anymore, it’s not for kids”

“But why?” Jennie whined

“Because drama is exaggerated. For example, I may steal a glance at you because I want your candy. Does that mean I’m in love with you? No, I’m in love with your candy” Seungwan reasoned “When you’re a little older, you’ll understand more so no drama for you okay? Now, let’s go find your sister. She mustn't be so far”

“No way. If you want my candy, you can just ask me! Hyun unnie too doesn’t ask you so she doesn’t want any candy” jennie refused to walk and stomped her feet to emphasize her words “She likes you!”

Talking to an 8 year old sometimes can be a little frustrating, yeah?

“Nini, she only sees me as an older sister, or maybe aunt?”

The younger girl pursed her lips “Why are you so sure? Are you a heart reader?”

The older girl laughed “Heart reader??”

“Tell me why~”

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