Chapter 12

All These Years
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Chapter 12: regret




After finishing playing a piece by Rachmaninov, Seungwan stood up and bowed to her only audience, Yvan and Yoona.

Yes, she decided to meet the piano master. It was a rare opportunity to meet him so she wouldn’t miss it.

“That was good, Ms.Son” Yvan clasped his hands “You missed some chords at the beginning but you paid it off in the end with that fabulous ending”

“Thank you, Sir” Seungwan was very much aware of her mistake but luckily that didn’t affect her performance

Young seungwan regularly joined competitions and won some when she was 12 years old. But when her parents died, she stopped attending any because her life was changed completely after that.

At the age of 16, she was admitted to hospital after trying to commit suicide. There, the Son siblings met a 19 years old Yoona.

Yoona was told by her father to keep Seungwan a company since he was afraid that the girl would try to commit suicide again. She learned that Seungwan could play piano, so she asked her to play with her everyday. Slowly, Seungwan found her passion to live again. It was okay that her own brother ignored her as long as Yoona showered her with attention.

Yoona became her first love and confession but...the girl rejected her saying that she only saw her as a younger sister but Seungwan insisted that she would wait until the girl saw her as a woman.

But then Yoona left her to japan when she was 19 years old since her application for a master degree was accepted by Tokyo Music Academy.

Not so long after, Seungwan’s brother also got promoted to be assistant manager in one of the company branches in Japan (At that time seungwan was 19, yoona 22 and her brother 23 years old)

A year later, they got engaged.

Seungwan was mad at Yoona upon choosing her brother because the older girl knew how her brother treated her badly. They lost contact for almost 3 years until last month the girl came to Moonshot.

“I told you she was good, right? Can she join your tour?” Yoona eagerly asked

Yvan tapped his chin “She is good but the application for my project already closed weeks ago. We are in the middle of choosing one of the 3 finalists”

Seungwan didn’t feel sad or anything because she didn’t wish to join it.


“It's okay Mr. Emanuelle, I'm here just to meet you, I'm a big fan”

Yvan smiled “Thanks”

“But Yvan, she has talent, such a waste if you let her go”

Yvan nodded “She sure has talent, so does the finalists, it’ll be unfair for them. I can do nothing”

“But...Ms. Son, I can offer you a full scholarship for the piano & arrangement short program at my academy and if you’re good enough you can join my orchestra next year. I won’t waste such talent”

Seungwan was shocked, she couldn’t believe that this man, her idol, was offering her a scholarship

“Your academy in Vienna?” Yoona asked

“Yes” Yvan smiled again

“Seungwan will take it” the older girl decided for her

“Will you, Ms. Son?” Yvan looked at the frozen seungwan

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