Chapter 25

All These Years
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Chapter 25

Three days later

SNU Hospital


“Dr Bae!” Minjeong squealed happily


Joohyun didn't have time to see Minjeong for 3 days straight since she was back, her schedule was packed with back to back surgeries


“I missed you. Where did you go? I thought you were mad at me”

“Why would I be mad at you?”

“I don’t know” Minjeong pouted sadly “But hey, you’re here now. Let’s play!”

“Minjeong-ah, Dr Bae is here to do a check up on you not to play” Seungwan immediately said to calm her baby down

“After check up then!” Minjeong expectantly looked at her favorite doctor “Manager oppa bought me a new set of legos.”

Seungwan shook her head “Dr Bae is busy so mommy will play with…”

“It’s okay, I’m going to have my break after this. We can play, minjeong-ah”

“But you have to rest” Seungwan argued “It’s your only break time”


“Mommy, can you go somewhere else? Why are you so noisy” Minjeong said while rolling her eyes, this kid…


“Fine, fine you two can play. Mommy will go and grab Dr Bae’s lunch for her, okay?” the young pianist kissed her daughter forehead before throwing a sweet smile at Joohyun. Their hand brushed a little when Seungwan walked past her, sending a familiar tingling sensation to her so the young doctor laughed to herself, now I’m feeling like a teenager all over again.




“So a birdie told me that mommy has been driving you here”

Joohyun almost messed up her stack of legos, she was constructing a bunny shaped lego for her young patient

“Who told you that?”

“A birdie”

“Who is this birdie?”

“Dr Kim said I can’t tell you who the birdie is” Minjeong said innocently when she practically spilled the culprit name


Kim Jisoo!!


“Uh…yes, your mommy is my personal driver for now”

Minjeong cheered while flailing her hands “My mom is really nice right?? She is beautiful, can play piano very well, rich and she has me, a very cute daughter”

“Yeah” Joohyun chuckled distractedly, apparently she was really into the legos

“So can you marry her and be my other mom?”


The young doctor messed up her stack of legos once again


Did she just…


“I told mommy that I want you to be my other mom”

“And what did she say?” Joohyun was curious

“She said that you already have a boyfriend”

“Um...not anymore” Joohyun cleared , why did I even talk about this with Minjeong??


“He hurted me”

“My mommy is a good person, she won’t hurt you”


Well, technically she already did…


“So?” Minjeong looked at her doctor with her big round eyes, screaming say yes, say yes!!

“Tell your mommy to talk to me. I…may consider”

Minjeong squealed once again before tackling her favorite doctor into a hug, sending the almost finished bunny flying to the floor and shattering into pieces



My bunny! Joohyun cried inwardly




Few days later

Seoul Central Court

Final trial


Joohyun felt her hands trembling as she caught Seunggi’s angry stare on her, but she tried to be strong as she stood by her statement against him firmly. She brought up all their past text message exchanges where he subtly insinuated about making her life a hell if she didn’t follow his order. Just why, why was she so blinded by his sweet talking? She felt so dumb. A year with him was such a long time.


Her mind flashed back to the time when he held her down on the bed and it made her so angry with herself.

She should’ve known that he was capable of doing that, hurting her

After all the signs that were thrown to her face, she should’ve realized sooner, should’ve escaped herself…but instead of fleeting away, she kept playing in his game, why? Because he said he loved her.


She was craving for love and it didn’t help that he did look like Seungwan, now that she knew he was her step brother, it did make sense as to why she was sticking with him. But still Joohyun shouldn’t be that shallow, going so low and desperate. Had she ever loved him? No, she never loved him, she realized that all this time she only projected Seungwan onto him. But sadly he wasn’t Seungwan. He could never be..


She was so ashamed to admit that this incident was partially caused by her own naivety, thinking of replacing Seungwan with someone who looked like her…it was dumb, so dumb of her.




The Kangs were sitting in the audience, supporting Joohyun while Seungwan, her manager, and also the hotel manager were sitting at the front, they appeared as witnesses.


The judge would give his final decision today.

Joohyun prayed and prayed that his decision would be fair so that nobody would have to experience the same thing as her.

Seunggi was a threat to women, he should have been punished 8 years ago when he abused Yoona.


Joohyun bit her lips as the judge made eye contact with her before looking straightly at Seunggi.


“With all the evidences we have here, the defendant is guilty as charged in the incidenty for attempting a and violance against the victim. Four years sentences will be served as punishment”


“Objection your honor” Seunggi’s lawyer raised his hand


“Motion denied. The defendant acted knowingly and intentionally” the judge added firmly “As I speak, the court is prepared to proceed with the sentencing”


“Last trial is closed, you may leave the room” the judge said in finality, giving a breath of relief to Joohyun and her family


She was thankful for the final decision, she was thankful that she could give Seunggi the taste of his own medicine


“You can’t do this to me, Bae Joohyun!” Seunggi shouted as the police attempted to drag him from his seat “You’re mine! Mine!”


Then he looked at Seungwan with so much hate “You’ll regret this Son!”


The young pianist stared back at him “You’re the one who will regret everything. You did this to yourself! Yoona unnie now can finally rest in peace”


A shock was evident on Seunggi’s face for a split second before the police forced him to walk.


Clearly, he didn’t know that Yoona had passed away


“Goddamn*t! Let me talk to her!” He said to the police angrily and struggled to free himself “What do you mean?! What did you do to her??”

“What did I do?? What did YOU do?! You abused her! I let her go with you and yet you did her wrong!”

“It was her fault! If she listened to me, if she let the baby go, this would never happen, I wouldn’t be here!”


Really it was no use talking with this sc*m, he cared nothing but himself…


“Where is the baby?!” The police finally got enough with him shouting like a mad man so they forcefully dragged him away this time

“Where is the damn baby?!” he shouted for the last time “All my misfortune is because of you and that damn baby! Fuvking Son of b*tch!”

The young pianist closed her eyes to control herself from lunging at him and getting herself arrested, it wasn’t worth it Seungwan, wasn’t worth it.


And she would never tell him…she would never tell him about Minjeong, her precious daughter wa

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