Chapter 17

All These Years
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Chapter 17: still (into you) part 2


Incheon Airport

After a 13 hours long flight, the mother and daughter along with her doctor finally arrived safely at Incheon airport. Minjeong was seated in a wheelchair while Seungwan pushed it for her through a sea of people.

“Mommy, Faster!”

The airport was so crowded tonight and Seungwan did her best to avoid bumping into people but her daughter apparently had different thoughts.

“You want me to hit those people, baby?”

“Ugh no fun” Minjeong huffed, then her eyes twinkled again “I like it here, mommy! I like Korea!”

“Yeah, yeah ok. Now sit still, Minjeong-ah”

The young pianist stopped at the baggage claim area and let Dr. Reed takeover Minjeong’s wheelchair.

“I’m so excited. Are you excited, Doctor? Oh! Can we eat tteokbokki for dinner, mommy? I heard it’s soooo good!”

Seungwan raised her eyebrows “You just ate on the plane, so no, besides we have to check in the hospital”

The young girl pouted “They better give me a rilakkuma gown then”


Same time

At an unknown restaurant

“What’s with that scowl on your face?”

Joohyun put her spoon down “You’ve been talking about bringing me to Japan for the past 20 minutes, oppa”

“So you actually listened? I thought your mind was elsewhere”

The young doctor sighed, yes her mind was elsewhere but she heard everything loud and clear “I haven’t said yes to the wedding date. I’ve told you before, I want to wait for another two or three years”

Seunggi straightened his body on his seat “Why is it so hard to say yes? We’ve been dating for a year now? Don’t you trust me?”

“I just...”

“I’m rich, I can support your life even if you’re not working. I don’t understand why you need to wait? It's just a party and a paper to sign!”


“I’ll be very busy next year. I won’t have time for a wedding or whatever, so give me your answer now, Joohyun”

Joohyun looked away, she didn’t like being forced like this. Not when her fiance just told her that a wedding is just a party and a paper to sign.

Clearly they had different points of views regarding it.

“Look at me, Bae Joohyun. I’m still not done talking to you”

The young doctor forced her eyes back to look at him

“Do you have someone else in mind? Past lover? Whoever he/she is, I'm definitely better than them!” the man scoffed

“Why are you bringing my past lovers? It’s nothing to do with them, oppa”

“Then why? Why do you need to wait for another 2 years?” The man raised his voice as he realized something “It’s your family isn’t it? Are they opposed to this?! Why can’t you handle your own family?!”

Joohyun looked at the man in disbelief, couldn’t he understand her?

“My family has nothing to do with this! It’s my decision, I don’t want to rush things, oppa!!”

Now everyone around them curiously looked at their table, wondering what happened.

Joohyun shook her head “I got a call from hospital, I have to take it” then she quickly left the man and headed to the restroom

Nobody called her, it was just an excuse because she needed to breath. Seunggi was suffocating her and it wasn’t the first time he revealed his dislikes towards her family.

She didn’t know what ticked him off. At first she thought maybe it was because he so used to live alone after his parents passed away so he didn’t find it comfortable being surrounded by her family but then again her family was nothing but nice to him (except Jennie who blatantly showed her dislike towards him).

She had tried to make them closer but they just didn’t click and it frustrated her somehow.

Joohyun didn’t want to admit it but their relationship...was slowly draining her.


SNU Hospital

“Hi Minjeong, I’m Dr.Kim but you can call me Jisoo unnie” Jisoo introduced herself “High five?”

Minjeong high fived with the young doctor and Seungwan was glad that Dr. Kim was so friendly. She was afraid that she had to meet Joohyun tonight but fortunately, she was nowhere to be seen.

Honestly she hadn’t prepared to meet her yet. She was so busy preparing for Minjeong’s transfer.

“This rilakkuma gown is the best ever!”

“Yup yup” Jisoo smiled widely “Now sleep tight Minjeong, we’ll begin your first medical check up tomorrow”

Minjeong nodded and tucked herself under her favorite blanket obediently “Night mommy! Love you!”

“Night minjeong! Love you more!”


Outside Minjeong’s room

“Dr. Kim, are you the only Doctor who is assigned to minjeong? I mean, we have 2 doctors back in Vienna before and I’m sure Dr Reed had told you about it” Seungwan curiously asked when they were out of minjeong’s room

Maybe there was a change of plan?

Maybe Dr. Kim was the only doctor appointed for minjeong? She secretly hoped for it

Jisoo shook her head “No, Dr. Bae too, but she is not on duty tonight”

“Oh I see” seungwan nodded, sweat started forming on her forehead, a series of scenarios running on her head from bad to worst.

It’s okay Seungwan.

If she shouts at you or slaps you, just endure it for Minjeong.

Besides you kind of deserve it.

“Do you have time? I want to talk about Minjeong’s condition. I’ve talked with Dr. Reed but I feel like I need to talk to you too”

“Yes, of course”

Jisoo led them to her office on the third floor. The hospital was massive and modern. Bigger than the hospital in Vienna. They arrived at a small room in the corner and Jisoo opened the door for her.

“You shared a room with other doctors?” Seungwan asked upon seeing three tables in the room

“Yup, only temporary. The new doctor's workroom is still under construction so Dr.Bae, Dr. Park and I are sharing this small room together for the meantime”

“Please take a seat Ms. Son” Jisoo added as she went to retrieve Minjeong’s folder from the cabinet

Seungwan looked at one particular table that was so clean compared to other tables, only a few sheets of paper stacked on it, no name tag whatsoever. It could be mistaken as a vacant table if there was no white coat hung on its seat.

“Whose table is that?”

“Dr.Bae’s” Jisoo said while scanning Minjeong’s folder

How come her table is so dull? Seungwan remembered Joohyun liked to keep photos and cute ornaments on her table when she was still a student.

Jisoo was back on her seat a moment later “Minjeong’s case is unique. It only happens to 1% of about 4.000 babies per year”

Seungwan sighed “She was born with heart failure, we thought she wouldn't survive but she did. I wanted to get her operated when she was a baby but Dr. Reed didn’t think it was good for her”

“The risk was too high, while it’s not impossible to do the surgery on an infant but there are some conditions to meet to minimize the risk. Minjeong didn’t meet several conditions back then” Jisoo told her and they talked more about Minjeong’s case

“Please take care of my daughter, she’s so precious to me”

“We’ll do our best here. She’s on our top priority for heart transplant, Ms.Son. We hope we can do the surgery as soon as possible”

“Thank you Dr. Kim” Seungwan nodded gratefully “Tomorrow, I will have a meeting with my team from morning until night. If anything happens to her, even the smallest thing. Please let someone inform me, Dr Kim”

“Don’t worry, I will inform you”


The Kang’s household

Jennie shouted “Yes!! Finally, I got it”

She was up all night to get the damn tickets for seungwan’s 1st concert. Having a bad internet connection really , seriously.

She was still in euphoria until she heard her door being knocked from outside.

“Nini, are you still awake? You have school tomorrow”


Jennie immediately turned off her notebook and pretended to be asleep with a loud snore. She could be a good actress if she wanted too.

Joohyun opened the door a bit and stuck her head inside “Oh you are already asleep. I must be hearing things” and yes her sister was often fooled by it

The young doctor turned off the light before closing the door and heading to her room.

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