My Day is Full of You [Republish]
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Special update for ‘Red Velvet - Irene & Seulgi’ 1st anniversary

#itsASEULebration #1styearwithASEUL

Seulgi, Irene and their family attend Jisoo and Suho's wedding. In the event, Seulgi’s mother reunite with Mrs. Kim who is also her old friend like Mrs. Bae. They are really happy that they finally met each other.

The wedding was held at the beautiful and popular wedding venue. People of various kind of background are invited since they are Mr. Kim colleagues and acquaintances. All of their family members also came to celebrate the couple.

Seulgi and Irene share a table with their friends while their family sits at another table. Jennie and Leo also join them. Leo is still scared of Seulgi because he worries if Seulgi mispronounces his name again. Everyone laughs when he doesn't want to sit with Seulgi but Seulgi insists on sitting beside him. In the end, he doesn't have a choice but to sit between Jennie and Seulgi. The Three Musketeers non-stop teasing Leo since he is the youngest in their circle. However, Leo is not taking it to his heart. He also enjoys joking around with them. He’s happy that he met new friends since this is the first time he came to this country. Since they are sympathy at Leo, the girlfriends scolding the boys

Everyone enjoyed the wedding. They are praising the bride and groom. They said both of them are made for each other. Both are beautiful and handsome in wedding suit and gown

“Hey, Suho and Jisoo is coming” say Solar when the couple approaching them

“Hi everyone~” Jisoo chirped

“Hello newlywed”

“Congratulations both of you”

“Thanks everyone” Jisoo and Suho grinning

“Hyung, when do you go on your honeymoon?” Moonbyul nudging Suho arm

“We will depart to Jeju this weekend and will be back on Wednesday”

Everyone was shocked. “Yah, why so short? You two supposed to spend at least a week” Jennie protest

“I have loads of work to do so I can’t leave it too long. Jisoo also can’t leave her boss”

“Hyun, please let Jisoo and Suho hyung leave for a week or month” Seulgi shaking Irene arm

Before Irene answer, Eunji overtake her “Unnie already give her permission to go as long as she wanted but Jisoo and her husband are workaholic”

“True” Irene agree with Eunji

“Hyung and noona letting go the golden chance” say Leo and everyone agree with him

Jisoo cackles “We will not let go of this chance. We are not calling it a honeymoon because this is not the first time we go on vacation together. This is just short getaway for us”

“Alright, whatever it is…just enjoy your honeymoon” say Irene

“Thanks Rene for the free accommodation”

“Enjoy while it last”

“Hyung, we look forward to hear good news when you tow return” Seungwan wink

Seeing Suho and Jisoo looking confused, Moonbyul gave another clue “Hyung, do your best. We expect an addition in your family nine months from now”

Jisoo face immediately turn red while Suho hit Moonbyul shoulder lightly “Yah, it not like we’re eating rice and full right after”

“Most important thing is trying hard. You can do it, hyung. You are our role model” Seulgi stated follow by nods from Moonbyul, Seungwan and Leo

“Aishh, you guys” Suho glare at them

After talking for a while, Suho and Jisoo move to greet other guests. Their friends sit back in their place to continue eating and joking around.


Irene's concentration on her work is distracted by her phone vibration. She grab it and open the message from her mother. Once she read the text, her eyes open wide and cover

“Oh my God!” she rubbed her face, still not believe what she just read

The text from her mom is really shocking her

From: Momma 💖

Hyun, Jang ahjussi just found a baby in front of our gate. The baby was left by someone unknown. Come home quickly. We must settle this soon. Daddy also already heading home

Irene can’t help but stare at the picture of the baby that was in her mom's arms. Her heart felt warm seeing the baby face. She lock her phone then grab her handbag and head out of her office

Eunji and Jisoo are surprised to see Irene come out with a handbag. She look in a rush

“Unnie, where are you going?”

“I want to go home. Give me car key” Irene say quickly

“You don't go home with Seulgi?” Eunji ask while taking the car key from her bag then give to Irene

“No, he is still at the site right now. Something urgent came up and I had to go home. I can’t wait for him”

“Unnie, it’s not something worrying, right?” Jisoo ask worriedly

“No, everything is fine. It just something personal”

“Okay unnie”

“Got to go now”

“Unnie, drive carefully. Give us a call if anything happen” Eunji say loudly since Irene already walk to elevator



Irene arrived at home following her father's arrival. Both of them quickly run inside the house


“I’m here” Mrs. Bae answer from the living room

They jog to the living room and see Mrs. Bae busy taking care of the baby. She just finished feeding the baby with milk. Currently, she pats the baby back to make her burp

“Mom, is this the baby?” ask Irene after she sit beside her mom on the floor

“Yes Hyun” Mrs. Bae cackle seeing the baby cuteness after she burp

“How did Jang ahjussi meet her, yeobo? Did he see the person who sent the baby here?” Mr. Bae asking

Then Mrs. Bae told her family what happened at their house earlier. “When Jang ahjussi went back to the security post after fixing the tap at the garden, he saw a box outside of the gate. He thought it was just a rubbish box but when he wanted to pick it up, the box was pretty heavy. He opens it and is shocked to see this little one sleeping peacefully inside. Without wasting time, he brought the box here and told us that he found a baby. I asked him to check the CCTV footage. He saw someone in black silhouette putting the box at the gate then running away. He can’t recognize that person since that person wearing hoodie, face mask and cap”

Irene and her father looked at each other “Did she just come with a box? Nothing else, I mean clothes or document”

Mrs. Bae nods her head “She came with some clothes, 1 milk bottle, and a packet of milk powder for the baby, letter and hospital document but I didn't find her birth certificate. The document is on the table. Bring it here, Hyun”

Irene quickly grabbed the papers on the table then read the letter. Mr. Bae checking the document to find some info about the baby

“So, she is just 2 months old” Mr. Bae stare at the baby softly

“Hm, that person might be her father because it mentioned here that her mom died when give birth to her and her dad is diagnosed with cancer and unable to be cured anymore. They give her to us so that she can get better life” Irene conclude after reading the letter

“What should we do now?”

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