My Day is Full of You [Republish]
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“Is she sleeping already?” Seulgi ask slowly after he close the door behind him

Irene cradling Hyunji in her arms, lull her to sleep “Yes, she just fall asleep”

“She must be tired after play with Yoong unnie and Sooyoung” Seulgi lean his back at the headboard while staring at Irene and Hyunji

“Yeah, I never see her this active and laughing a lot”

“She drooling a lot too” Seulgi chuckle

Irene put Hyunji on the bed after making sure her baby sleeps soundly then she joined Seulgi on the bed “Bae, are you sure you want Yoong unnie to babysit her while she stays here?”

“Yup, noona offered to babysit her so why not. Besides, she will be bored if she is alone at home while we’re working. At least she has something to do. When Bubble is here, mom also can go to boutique”

“I just worry if she is troubling unnie. Unnie is still our guest even she is your cousin”

Seulgi took Irene hand to his laps and squeezed it softly “Noona is good with kids. Bubbles are not a problem for her. She also used to babysit Sooyoung and Yerim before she went abroad. When she go back to work, she will have less time with us so I think she want to make lot of moment with Bubble”

“Alright bae” Irene nods her head

“When will her unit be ready?”

“I don’t know. I haven’t ask Solar about it”

Yoona bought an apartment unit at the Four Seasons Apartment Complex. She was interested in the complex when first visited Seulgi’s place. When she knows that Irene is the owner of the building, she immediately asks if there are any units still available and if possible, she wants a unit at the same building as Seulgi. Next day, Seulgi helps Yoona to apply for her purchase. While waiting for the contractor to finish with the interior design, Seulgi asks her to stay at his unit. As her gratitude, she offered to babysit Hyunji. She like that baby since the first time they meet

“Unnie is really good at cooking and baking. I wish I have time to learn some recipe from her”

“Just tell her anytime, she will gladly teach you. Noona is an open-minded person and a free soul too. She is very easy to deal with. Unnie is very happy if she meet someone who share the same hobby as her”

“I want to make your tummy grow bigger that’s why I want to learn cooking many types of foods. Besides, I should make good foods for you and Hyunji” Irene patting Seulgi’s tummy

“Yaa, I will lost my six packs” Seulgi pouting

“I don’t care. It’s better that you don’t have six packs so that no one flirt with you” Irene smirk

“They can flirt with me as much as they want but they are not Bae Joohyun. I will not attract to them” Seulgi peck Irene cheek

“Cheesy~” Irene pinch Seulgi tummy lightly “Bae, when will unnie start with her restaurant project?”

“She said after her apartment is ready then she will meet the designer for the renovation. She already found a good and strategic place. It is not really far from Jennie’s restaurant”

“Oh I see” Irene nods her head “It sad that she close her restaurant at Barcelona”

“What to do, bae. She loves South Korea more than abroad. Besides, her former restaurant is just a trial and place for her to train her skill and also to earn capital before starting the real deal. After 3 years struggling, now she is ready to begin her big step”

“I want to be her first customer when she launch her restaurant” Irene say confidently

Seulgi laughing lightly “Noona will be happy if she hear that”

“The food that she makes is the best. It suits my taste. Even though she stayed abroad for years, she is still good at cooking local foods. Unnie really awesome”

Seulgi stares at his girlfriend softly “Do you know the similarities between you and her?”


“Both are beauty with brain” Seulgi pull Irene towards him and kiss her forehead

Irene blushing but Seulgi can’t see it because the room is dim. “Bae, why are you so sweet tonight?”

“Because I don’t see you entire day and I miss you so much”

“I’m sorry because I’m very busy with my work. I really hope I can pass the work to someone so that I have time for you and Hyunji. I feel bad for you two. Hyunji spends more time with momma and you attend yourself alone here. It’s me who should cook for you, doing laundry, cleaning, preparing meals for you two and taking care of Hyunji but I’m still unable to do my role properly. Sometimes I think I’m a worse mom and girlfriend”

Atmosphere in the room suddenly turned sad because of Irene's sudden confession. Since he don’t want the sadness last longer, Seulgi try to cheer her up

“Bae, don’t ever look down on yourself. You are the super mom for our baby and an awesome girlfriend of mine. If you ask anyone about it, they will agree with me too. Not everyone can reach your level. Even though you are busy with office work, your concern for us is on top of everything. We never feel abandoned. You can ask bubbles if you don’t believe me. Stop thinking that you’re worse or fail because you’re never going to be. You're the original visual and best woman of this generation. You proving that career woman also capable is doing housework” Seulgi give comforting and supportive words to Irene

Irene hugged Seulgi torso and rested her head on his chest “Thank you for always by my side. Without you, I don’t think I can be who I am now. You are playing a big part in my life now. I don’t know what could happen to me if we don’t meet”

Seulgi smiles warmly and caresses Irene's hair “From the very start, I know that you’re meant for me. I used to help a lot of strangers but never offered them to go with me to my house. You’re the first stranger that I bring home”

He continued “You make me the man I am now. You make a way for me to be a better person. Even though you are not showing it obviously, you are the person behind my self-development. Thank you for being born”

“I love you, baby” say Irene

“I love you too”



“I miss our hot chocolate date” Irene prop her chin on Seulgi chest and looking at him


“Let’s grab hot chocolate. I’m craving for it” Irene showing puppy eyes

“Alright, let’s go my lady”

Irene excitedly get up then both of them silently go to the kitchen for their hot chocolate date


Yoona’s restaurant

The three musketeers together with Leo and Suho are busy decorating the rooftop outdoor space at Yoona’s restaurant. Everyone is working diligently. They are preparing for a surprise event that Seulgi plans for Irene.

“Seul, did noona suspect anything when you suddenly go out without her?” Seungwan asking while focus on his task

“No, I told her that we hangouts like usual so she don’t suspect anything”

“Is she at her parents’ house or at apartment?”

“At her parent’s house”

As everyone concentrates on their own task, Yoona, Eunji, Solar, Jisoo, Jennie and Sooyoung come to the rooftop. They just arrived from supermarket, buying ingredients for special menu tonight


“Hi girls”

“How is everything so far?” Yoona questioning

“Decoration is going smoothly. You are the best event planner! Joohyun will like it” Seulgi give two thumbs up to his cousin

“Unnie, do you have experience in planning events? I like how you plan simple yet classy event” Eunji asking make everyone looking at Yoona, waiting for her answer

“I don’t really learn about planning this kind of event but when I still ran my business in Barcelona, my restaurant used to book for events like anniversary, proposal, birthday, engagement party, baby shower, bridal shower and reunion. From that, I get some experience organizing events. I also learn a lot from event planners that I work with. That’s how I get a bit of knowledge” say Yoona

“You’re so cool, unnie” Jisoo praising Yoona

“…and multi-talented” Leo added

“Thank you” Yoona giving her prettiest smile “Hey, let’s finish quickly so that we can eat. My staff already cook for us”

“Okay unnie” everyone say excitedly after hear about food


Seulgi and Irene are heading to somewhere that Irene doesn't know. She’s non-stop asking him where he will take her but Seulgi shuts his mouth tight. Irene gets upset because Seulgi is playing around with her. Earlier, he suddenly told her that they will go to special place and he ask her to dress up nicely

“Bae, where are we going? Why do you refuse to tell me?” Irene whining

“It's a surprise, bae. If I tell you now it will not a surprise anymore” say Seulgi

The answer makes Irene get upset. Seulgi feels guilty but he can’t ruin his plan. They already do a lot of preparation so no way will he ruin it just because Irene is sulking

After a not so long ride, the couple arrive in front of Yoona’s restaurant. Seulgi hop down first then he run to other side to open the door for Irene

“Bae, don't be upset, okay? You will like this surprise” Seulgi cooed

“You better make it worth it”

“I promise it will be worth it. Now let’s go inside”

“Okay” Irene get out of the car

“Smile please”

Irene gives her sweetest smile making Seulgi squeal. Then he holds her hand tightly and they enter the restaurant. Customers filled the restaurant as usual. Yoona’s restaurant are pretty popular after it launched and they successfully gained regular customer in no time

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