My Day is Full of You [Republish]
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Next morning, two families are having breakfast peacefully at the dining table. Irene and her mother wake up early to cook breakfast for them. Everyone enjoyed the food in silence. They just talk once in a while

“Aigoo, I’m full. Thank you for the foods” say Sooyoung after clearing foods on her plate

“Don’t want to add more, sweetie?” Mrs. Bae ask

“No aunty, my stomach don’t have space anymore” she pats her tummy

“You all should eat more. When I in your age, I eat 2 portion per meal” say Mr. Bae

“That’s why you gain weight but stop growing” his wife say without guilty

Mr. Bae glared at his wife and Irene who muted her laugh. Seulgi gives a glass of coffee to Mr. Bae to calm him down. Kang family only chuckle silently

“Eat a lot. We still have lot of foods” Mrs. Bae said to their guest, ignoring her husband protest


After breakfast, everyone has nothing to do. They laze in the living room. The children watching TV while the elder are discussing

“Jessi, I already talked with Yul regarding your proposal last night” Mrs. Kang stated

“Really? I thought you need more time” say Mrs. Bae with smile on her lips

“Sooner is better. Since we’re still here, it will be easy for us to discuss in person”

“So, how is it?”

Mrs. Kang looking at her husband then he nods and smiling “He allow me to work with you”

“Thanks a lot, Yul” Mrs. Bae say happily

Mr. Kang grinning “No problem. It’s not a big deal. Miyoung already told me a bit about the job that you offer. I don’t mind if she is working because she is also helping you at the same time. As long as she still have time for family, I don’t have any protest”

Irene’s mother listens attentively. From what she hears, Mr. Kang is very concerned about his family. Family is his top priority

“Your job is not hard. While we still prepare for the outlet, you only need to follow my staff to check the progress then send a report to me. When the outlet launches, you will become the outlet manager. All you need to do is oversee the daily operation of the outlet. Plan and assign daily workloads to outlet associates. Develop and enforce established policies and procedures. Established operational strategies to meet quality and customer service standards. You only need to come to HQ once a month for a report or if we have urgent meetings that we are unable to discuss online. The job is not that hard. The experienced staff will be your assistant”

“I will send a few senior staff to work at the outlet to help the new staff and avoid problems, especially in customer service. The new staff will be given training and briefing about our boutique” say Mrs. Bae

“So I will receive training too?” ask Mrs. Kang

“Yes Tiff, it is to expose you to our business and how it works. If possible, we should start as soon as possible for you so that you can help to train our new staff. Besides, you also don’t need to go back and forth to Seoul. It will make it easy for me to help you to get back your skill”

“Okay, I will do it after Sooyoung is done with her exam. I want to focus on her first”

“Sure thing. I don’t have a problem. Just inform me any time when you’re ready. I always waiting”

“Alright” then Mrs. Kang asked again “What time is your boutique open?”

“We open at 9 in the morning until 5:30 PM. Boutiques open every day but you only work 5 days per week. Other staff will work six day per week because boutique close on Sunday”


Yerim looked at her mom “Mommy, you will be working soon?”

“Yes baby, mommy will work with Aunty Jessi. Why?” Mrs. Kang caressed Yerim hair

“I want to work too” she showing puppy eyes

The elder laughed “Hey, you’re still too small to work. Just stay at home with appa. Besides, mommy only working when you go to school” said Mr. Kang

“But I will stay alone at home during the school holiday. You and mommy will go working” Yerim pouting

“Ayy, you can go to the farm with appa as usual. Don’t be dramatic. Aren’t you usually happy if mommy is not at home because no one is bossing you around?”

“Appa!” Yerim quickly asks her dad to shut his mouth. The others laughing at their antics

“Yerim-ah, you can go to a boutique with your mom. She will have her office there so you can hangout with her while waiting for her to go home. You can do revision at the same time” Mrs. Bae say

“Okay aunty, I can’t wait to see mommy’s office” Yerim say excitedly

Irene turns to her mom and says “Momma, how long until the new outlet is ready?”

“In two months or less. Progress is going smoothly to it won’t take long”

“Okay, hostel preparation is almost done. Each staff will get one unit”


“Sooyoung” Mr. Bae calling the tall girl

“Yes uncle”

“What course would you take in university?”

“Finance master in business administration” Sooyoung answer confidently

Mr. Bae's smile cracked on his lips “Cool, I took that course too. Joohyun said you will enroll in my former university. It’s good to hear that you are interested in finance. Yongsun also take the same course”

“She has been interested in finance since then and got interested after hearing from Solar noona. She is power in Mathematics so it help a lot” say Seulgi

Mr. Bae give 2 thumbs up “You’re one step closer to work at D’SIGN Investment”

Everyone's eyes went wide as they heard Mr. Bae's statement. He look so confident when he say it

“Dad, if you want to recruit her, don’t use the same method like Yongsun. Remember that she bashed a lot in her early days. I don’t want it to happen to Sooyoung too. Do the s

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