My Day is Full of You [Republish]
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Seulgi sits on the chair waiting for Irene to put on her makeup and do her hair. He is staring at her for a while now while thinking of something. He back to his sense when he heard the sound of chair pushed by Irene as she stand up from dressing table

“Done?” he asked


“Come” Seulgi beckon Irene to come towards him and the girlfriend obey

When Irene stands in front of him, Seulgi scans her from head to toe. Irene confused seeing Seulgi action

“What’s wrong, bae?” Irene furrowed her eyebrows

Seulgi heave soft sigh “Bae” he looking at Irene

“Yes bae”

“I want to say something but I hope you take it positively”

Irene is curious but she still nods her head “What is it?”

“You looked good in this dress, bae. I mean not only this dress or whatever dress or shirt you wore, you were able to steal the spotlight. I don't deny that you are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen” He smiles but Irene gets confused. “But bae, I honestly don't really like it if you wear y clothes. This dress is an example. It reveals your chest and shoulders too much. Wearing off-shoulder dresses is a trend but for my girlfriend, I don’t like it. I don’t mind if you wear sleeveless dress but not off shoulder that showing your chest” Seulgi tried to give a reprimand as softly as possible so that his words do not offend Irene

Irene is silent for a while as she absorbs Seulgi’s words “So you don’t like me wearing this dress?”

Seulgi nods his head slowly “You don’t need to change this but next time don’t wear too revealing dress. This is the last time I allow you to wear this y. You can call me possessive or whatsoever, I don’t mind. I only protecting you from ed eyes”

He continue “I also don’t like when you wear y outfit to office. Since past few months I work with you, I see that you often wearing short dress and skirt. Sometimes the outfit that reveal your chest area. Some other time, too tight. Without you knowing, you’re attracting many eyes. I’m a man, bae. I know which gaze adoring you and which gaze stripping you mentally. Some practically drooling over your body. I can see everything. I’m not Suho hyung who don’t mind Jisoo wearing y clothes to office. We have different mindset. I’m sorry if I over controlling you. You’re my girlfriend and in future you will be my wife. It's better that I slowly started my dislike it before it’s too late. Your dad entrust you to me so I do my best to not disappoint him. I hope you understand”

Irene's chin trembles as she holds her cry but her tears are not helping. It slowly fell down to her white cheek. Seulgi who noticed Irene changes quickly stand up

“Bae? Are you okay? I’m sorry if my words hurting you”

Finally Irene cried and hugged her boyfriend. She cried on Seulgi's chest not caring if she was wetting his jacket. Seulgi softly caressing her back to calm her down

“Bae…I’m sorry because I never noticed that you are not happy with how I dress up…I not care about your feeling…I thought you like it when I wear y and revealing but I’m wrong…I’m sorry, bae…I’m hurting you…I not protect what supposed to only seen by you…I’m a bad girlfriend…”

Seulgi tightens his hug “Bae, you’re the best girlfriend of this generation. Don’t misjudge yourself. You only make a small mistake and it is fixable. Don’t blame yourself, okay?”

Irene nods her head then she releases herself “I promise I will never wear the outfit that you do not allow. I will only wear appropriate outfits to the office or any event. You can scold me if I break my promise”

Seulgi cackles “No way will I scold, my baby. The least only remind you so that you will not repeat the same mistake. Scolding is not my style. I will only give advice, reprimand or reminder. I only scold if the mistake is big and that is when I can’t control myself anymore”

Irene smiles happily while adoring her boyfriend. She tiptoed and kiss his cheek then hug him again “Thank you, baby”

“Thank you for what?”

“Thank you for loving me, for leading me to a good path, for showing me the good example, for becoming my strength, for becoming my better half and on top of everything, your respect towards me as a woman. Nothing I could ask for in this life because I already have you. The man that will be my husband and will be a father of my children. I do not regret loving you. If I die today, I will die in bliss because I am loved by the most loving man. I love you so much, bae” Irene say lovingly

Seulgi kiss Irene forehead a little bit longer than usual “I love you too, baby”

They break the hug then Seulgi wipe Irene tears on her face “Aigoo, you need to fix your makeup. Dad and mom will think that I scold you. Luckily your eyes not really puffy”

Irene chuckled “Don’t go far away from me later. I don’t want you seduce by s”

“It’s me who should say that to you, you know. I was already jealous even before we went to the party. If possible, I don’t want to let you leave this room but dad will think I make down payment if I do that” both of them laughing

“You shouldn’t hang out a lot with daddy. He will influence you with his craziness and absurdity. I don’t want to get headache every day like momma”

“He is fun to be with. I laugh a lot because of him. Dad is humorous. He remind me of appa”

“Yeah, appa is also funny like him. I don’t want to imagine what happen if they are together”

“I’m sure our mother will dizzy” say Seulgi “Go fix your makeup then we go downstairs”

“Okay” Irene sat on the chair and fixed her makeup “Bae, can you get my jacket?”


“I will draped it over my shoulder”

“Okay bae”


Seulgi and Irene waiting for the elder to come from upstairs. Seulgi plays a game on his phone while Irene checks her email. Mr. Bae and Mrs. Bae presence distract them

“Kids, shall we go now?” Mr. Bae asked

“Yes dad”

When they go outside, Mr. Bae staff bow to them “Sir, the car is ready” he give the car key to Mr. Bae

“Alright” then Mr. Bae smiled at Seulgi “Seul!”

“Yes dad!” Seulgi give a salute

“You drive for us”

“Okay boss” Seulgi took the key from Mr. Bae

Mr. Bae sits at the front while Irene and her mother sit at the back. The dinner is at the mansion and it is located about 40 minutes from Bae residence. Seulgi parked their car at the VIP car park. Since Mr. Kim is Mr. Bae’s childhood friend, he give the VIP access from his friends

Irene and Seulgi walk behind the elder into the house. Irene linked her arm with Seulgi wh

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